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Despite Holes in Credibility, Tomaselli Intent on Keeping Syracuse Circus Going

Zach Tomaselli is an admitted child molester, who has accused Bernie Fine of the same, claiming he is going public for the other victims. There is no way to know for sure yet if Tomaselli really was in that hotel in Pittsburgh. What is clear is his credibility is severely lacking and District Attorney William Fitzpatrick has cast doubt on his story.

At the end of his long, odd press conference Wednesday, Fitzpatrick admitted they needed help finding new accusers or the case would die. It seemed as though the circus might finally be over with a lack of credible accusations whose statue of limitations had not expired. But yesterday Tomaselli was in front of a podium announcing a lawsuit.

In front of a microphone seems to be Tomaselli‚Äôs favorite place these days. He‚Äôs an admitted child molestor, and is blaming both his father and Fine for corrupting him. He’s chosen a very public method to make these claims, doing a rash of interviews across all media platforms.¬†

Tomaselli has been called a liar by his own father. Zach claims his dad molested him, but there is no proof of that accusation either. Fine‚Äôs lawyer also points to Fitzpatrick’s discredit of Tomaselli. The DA indicates records show Tomaselli was in school the day he claims to have been in Pittsburgh. Zach’s story has other details that don’t add up. The evidence seems to make Tomaselli very questionable.

More than anything it seems Tomaselli simply enjoys a media circus surrounding him at all times. There’s always a camera and microphone nearby and he‚Äôs now suing Fine for $25,000. Tomaselli is battling on two fronts, because of his own serious legal troubles back in Maine.

This is not an argument against Bernie Fine’s dismissal,¬†or the consequences for what he seems to have done to Bobby Davis. This is about the public questioning of Tomaselli‚Äôs motives, and the validity of his story. Just when it seemed like this crazy saga may have been slowing down, Tomaselli picked it right back up. For now at least, the circus is back in town to stay.

Posted: Alex Plavin

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