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Brandon Reese & The Fizz Hit ESPN’s SportsNation for Kicked Alley-Oop

The four-letter network takes a lot of flak for being the sports media monolith it is. However, one thing that seems universally agreed upon is how good SportsNation is. Michelle Beadle has quickly become one of the best female personalities in the game, with a sharp knowledge of sports, along with a quick sense of humor. You may love or hate Colin Cowherd (personally, I love him), but the chemistry between the two is seamless and enjoyable.

Sportsnation also has separated itself from the rest of the network for being less polished and more avant garde than many of its neighboring shows. It’s the best sports parts of Twitter, YouTube and blogs put in a blender and thrown onto a TV set.

So, of course the peeps behind the scenes over there found Hoffman’s intrepid camera work from the East regionals on You Tube. And of course they used it on their Weird Web Stories. And of course Colin was bewildered by the guy behind the lens for wasting time recording an alley-oop drill in practice when there’s a beautiful city in 80-degree weather waiting to be explored outside. Hoff, we need to get you out more.

“Now who found that? That is a very observant camera guy.” Hoff is printing that on his new business cards.

Brandon Reese is a great dude, so it’s good to see him make ESPN (it might be the only time so enjoy it, buddy). It’s also nice for the Orange to still rep Final Four week, even if only from afar.

Posted: D.A.

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