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Knee-Jerk Reaction: Syracuse Loses Heart-Breaker 42-41 to Northwestern

This picture of Northwestern’s Coach Fitzgerald is a pretty good summation of how Orange fans feel right now. Instant reaction from Syracuse’s gut-wrenching 42-41 loss to Northwestern.

  • Absolute abomination on the personal foul by Keon Lyn. That’s a complete joke. It sets up the Wildcats on a 1st-and-Goal, which ends in the GW touchdown on the following play. Lyn barely shoves the quarterback as his momentum is carrying him out of bounds anyway. How can you throw the flag there? Great job inserting yourself into the game, ref.
  • I don’t know how LB Dyshawn Davis gets caught in coverage on WR Demetrius Fields on the GW score. That can’t be how you draw it up on the SU sidelines.
  • Not enough can be said about Ryan Nassib despite the loss. He went 44-64 for 473 yards, 4 TDs, and made all the right throws in the second half comeback. Could anyone have seen that kind of breakout performance coming? He continually threw with confidence and accuracy. He took chances and was an emotional leader every step of the way. Where was this Nassib last season? We may have to start asking tough questions of the SU coaching staff. Did they neuter him last year? Have they finally allowed him to sling it? And if so, are we at the brink of a new day in Orange offense?
  • Just to highlight how good Nassib was, look at the incomplete pass on SU’s final scoring drive. The play broke down, Nassib went through his progressions, he scrambled left and spotted Marcus Sales down the sideline. Nassib put it where it had to be, a perfect pass on the run, but Sales wasn’t aware of the sideline and couldn’t get his foot in. That’s a tremendous throw from Nassib in a critical spot.
  • Syracuse once again helped out in beating itself. Giving up a punt return for a TD, a fumble recovery for six, missed field goal, 13 penalties and three turnovers. That pisses me off. How is this team still finding ways to play sloppy football?
  • I mean, really Joey Galloway? The entire game you mispronounced Nassib’s last name as “Nas-EEB?” You only had the entire offseason, and a solid week of prep work to go over game notes. Your partner was calling him by the correct pronunciation the whole afternoon. How about a producer in Galloway’s ear?
  • Galloway was pretty awful the entire day. I liked his creative verbiage on how the Syracuse offense needed to get “big chunks of grass” on the final drive. Have you ever heard that phrase used in football? And does he know this is artificial turf?
  • I had this team at 6-6 this year, and winning today. Now the Orange need to find another win somewhere else in a coin flip game. Not going to be next week. Welcome to 0-2. Damn.

Posted: D.A.

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