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Boeheim’s Bank Sheet: It’s Crazy the Coaches Who Top JB’s Syracuse Salary

As we prepare for Jim Boeheim’s fourth Final Four, it’s hard to believe where he ranks in compensation compared to peers. USA Today ran a list of all the coaches in this year’s NCAA tourney and their income. Where do you think The Per’fesser ranked? Top 5? Nope. Top 10? Uh uh. Top 15. Sorry.

Boeheim came in at 17th overall while pulling in $1.9 M per year from Syracuse. No one is shaking a can in front of the Salvation Army for JB, but to see some of his inferiors rank ahead of him is a joke.

Understandably, Coach K is the top dawg earning over $7 M a year.¬† But let’s go down the rest of the coaches in front of Jim:

  1. Coach K. No one can argue he’s the class of coaches with those titles and¬†Final Fours¬†(even if he has some head scratching early exits).
  2. Pitino. Fine. He’s always got a contender, never loses in the Sweet 16. Could be looking at another title this year.
  3. Self. Again, can’t argue. Has made KU a perennial title team.
  4. Izzo. No problem here. One of the best March coaches ever.
  5. Donovan. Back-to-back championships, Elite 8’s, big state school with deep pockets.
  6. Matta. Again, deep wallets from Ohio State, but should he be in the top 5?
  7. Crean. How’s that¬†Sweet 16 ass-whipping taste Tom?
  8. Sean Miller. You have to be kidding me.
  9. Bo Ryan. Clearly not paying him based on entertaining basketball.
  10. Jay Wright. Needs the cash to keep buying those suits, but what a load of underacheiving teams for him to be this high.
  11. Travis Ford. This is all Okie State T. Boone money to make him seem better than he is. Joke.
  12. Howland. Got the zig at UCLA. Looking for work.
  13. Tubby. I mean, seriously?
  14. John Thompson III. Ahead of Boeheim. I can’t take this. Daddy must be cooking the books.
  15. Lon Kruger. Just threw up in my mouth.
  16. Mark Gottfried. I can’t even explain what my brain just did when I read that. Crashed like an iPhone in the pool.
  17. Jim Boeheim.

Now SU is a private school, without the endowments and boosters of a place like Duke. But for Boeheim to be behind some of these jamokes is just too much. The Per’fesser must be loving kicking all their asses, then sneering at them during coaches conferences and making snide jokes at the cocktail party.

“Hey Mark, you gettin’ paid a million bucks for every conference win?”

“Hi Lon. Good to see you again. Where are you coaching these days?”

“Travis? What’s your last name? Who are you?”

There’s always the possibility Boeheim is just smarter than everyone and has a little side action going on that doesn’t go reported. Or he makes $1 of every pie sold at Varsity. Nice to be standing when everyone above you on the pay scale is already at home.

Posted: D.A.

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