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How Did Syracuse Miss Out On The Gronks? Dad Says SU “Dropped The Ball”

You may have noticed the Gronk family making the media rounds. They’re promoting a book called “Growing Up Gronk,” based almost entirely on the anecdotes of the clan’s dad, Gordie Gronkowski. The family is from the Buffalo area (Amherst), and Gordie played for Syracuse in the early ’80s. The Gronks have not only Pro Bowler Rob representing them, but two other current NFLers, Dan and Chris too. The other two brothers are athletically gifted themselves. The youngest is Glenn, who plays football currently at Kansas State. Gordie says Syracuse showed Glenn interest, but only K-State and Buffalo offered him.

So how is it possible a family empire of four elite football players from two hours away, with a dad who played at SU, never ended up on the Hill? I had Poppa Gronk on my show. I half-jokingly asked how he dropped the ball and didn’t force any of his sons to be Orange.

“No, no, no. Syracuse dropped the ball. They didn’t offer any of my kids a scholarship except for Rob. And that was amazing because I thought it was a sure thing. I don’t know, Pasquoloni for some reason didn’t like us or something. Maybe I was just so bad when I went there no one wanted to bring my family back, I don’t know.”

This is just bizarre. At least SU saved some face and offered one of the best tight ends in the game a scholarship. But two other NFL-caliber players, and another playing for one of the best schools in the Big 12, didn’t even get offered by the Orange?

Someone screwed up big time. The blood lines are obvious. Their natural size and athletic gifts were clear. They played two hours away in Western New York. Their dad would’ve loved for them to follow in his footsteps.

And SU didn’t even sniff them?

You could understand losing Gronk to Arizona. Tucson versus Syracuse? Advantage Arizona for any 18-year old athlete.

“Rob went out there and fell in love with it. He said, ‘Dad, did you ever go to a pool party (at SU)?’ I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘Well, go to one in Arizona.'”¬†

Pool party or not, missing out on four Gronks makes SU look all wet.

Posted: D.A.

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