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Syracuse Can’t Overlook JuCo Prize, Rotchill Medor Opening Eyes in Brooklyn

Rotchill Medor exchanged texts with Terrel Hunt all throughout training camp in August. The 6’6”, 325 lbs mammoth offensive lineman was upset to find out his former New York City High School foe and good friend didn’t nab Syracuse’s starting job week 1 against Penn State. Hunt’s college career may have started with a little bit of frustration Рjust like Medor’s Рbut now the ship has been righted. Soon enough for both. And now all Rotchill (pronounced Roh-Chill) can do is think of joining his fellow NYC brethren on the gridiron next season.

“If Syracuse gave me an offer, that would be my number one school at the top of the list. Being that it’s in New York, and I’m a New York dude, I want to ride with the home team.”

The current ASA Junior College product started his college career at Southern Connecticut State in 2011. He graduated from Lincoln High School that spring with former city studs Brandon Reddish, Ivan Foy and Wayne Williams – all of whom will finally be wearing the same uniform again in 2014. Medor, back in Brooklyn after transferring home to ASA before the 2012 season, could soon enough be wearing the orange with his former teammates.

SU has not extended an offer yet to what could be the most underrated prospect in New York. But the Orange coaching staff was just down visiting the ASA campus on Monday and chatted with Head Coach Dennis Orlando. He’ll send film of a few players, including Rotch, to Syracuse. It would be a waste if the SU coaches did not give this roadblock of a football player a look. Williams, who’s playing one more season alongside Medor for the Avengers, called the offensive lineman the next biggest name coming out of NYC. It’s high praise for Medor, who tells The Fizz he wants to represent his hometown up north.

“I want to give New York football more exposure, and playing for New York. Being a city kid, and being around basketball courts every block, a lot of people don’t get to play football, and playing football in New York, you’re almost like an outsider. I want to play for Syracuse and give NY football a big name. We want to put Syracuse football on the map, me and [Williams] together.”

Medor does not have any offers yet. But is getting serious attention from Kentucky, and one may be on the way from the Wildcats. Unfortunately, despite his talent, Rotch has almost become accustom to “vanishing” scholarship offers. His SAT scores were not high enough to qualify for FBS schools. He was all set to go to Rutgers, but because of the poor scores, never received that offer. After one year in the Nutmeg State, he transferred to ASA to play with the nation’s most elite Junior College talent, a decision he would not regret.

(Check out a profile on Medor at 17:15 mark below)

Back home in Brooklyn, Medor has spent the last two years working in Coach Orlando’s strict and regimented football schedule. He tells The Fizz he feels as ready as he’ll ever be for D-I athletics. Rotch is a starter this year on the line, and a powerful run-stopper. He’s also well-spoken and very caring individual. His desire to succeed has made him the best at his position.

“It’s my work ethic, and my consistency. Always trying to better myself whether it’s academically or on the field. I always stay focused and try and keep my teammates on the same track.”

He learned how to be a great lineman from his teammates. Leon Brown started last year at ASA at OL. He mentored Rotch in his first season. Taught him how to be a leader.

“The O-Line is a unit, it’s not just one person. I’m just trying to keep everyone on track because once that happens it magic. You move the ball perfectly, and the game goes smoother as opposed to everyone out there doing their own thing.”

Rotch now gets to watch Brown occasionally on national television for the Alabama Crimson Tide. It’s the advantage of playing for a program that mimics colleges at the FBS level: you’re automatically ready to compete when you step on that campus you transfer to. Look at Josh Kirkland for the Orange. The Butler Community College transfer is fourth on the team with 16 bone-jarring tackles. That’s the type of significant influence Rotch thinks he can make if SU is willing to give him a chance.

It would make perfect sense to have a 6’6” 325 lbs OL packaged with a 6’6” 325 DL in Wayne Williams travel to SU together. Because of his size and experience, Medor is a player the Syracuse coaches need to take a chance on. He may be the guy opening the holes for his buddy Hunt down the road.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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