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Top Syracuse Commit McCullough Dismissed From HS: What Does It Mean?

Chris McCullough made his verbal commitment to Syracuse last November.¬†Now, there’s a monkey wrench thrown into the workds.¬†McCullough has been dismissed from Brewster Academy for an unspecified violation of school rules.

McCullough is a 6’9” forward who is considered one of the best SU recruits in the last decade. McCullough is the fourth best recruit at the power forward position and he’s ranked second in the region. CM is the No. 1 player in New York, and had offers from Kansas, Indiana, and Louisville.

He is also a five-star ESPN recruit and is given a score of 94 out of 100.

What does it mean for the Orange and McCullough? While he tweeted that it’s only a minor setback and took accountability, the timing is specifically bad. The¬†fall semester is wrapping up, while hoops is just getting started. Because of those factors, will he be able to land elsewhere that quickly to play? And will he end up losing an entire semester of credits? That might be a problem when/if he tries to enroll at Syracuse next year.

Also, depending on the severity of the violation, will SU still want him? No one has reported what exactly the violation was. But does SU’s offer remain? He’s such an immense talent, one would expect the Orange to be patient with the matter. SU will probably be okay in sticking by him if it’s a minor matter or grade-related. If it’s more severe? You always want to be careful if you’re SU.

Another interesting note: He was trying to reclassify to graduate a year early. Meaning maybe he already has stacked enough credits, and this won’t be a huge issue. But either way, a major recruit getting tossed out of school right before the season is never good news.

Posted: Austin Pollack & D.A.

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