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LSU + New Uniforms = Big Gains for Syracuse Football Recruiting


There is more to come.

Last week, Syracuse announced a deal with LSU that will have the Orange play the Tigers at the Carrier Dome in 2015 and at LSU in 2017. On the same day, Syracuse unveiled new uniforms.These two big changes to the program have shown Scott Shafer’s dedication to moving the program along and to bring a winning atmosphere of college football back to SU.

The Orange finished last season 6-6, but defeated Minnesota in the Texas Bowl. Now as the focus shifts to getting ready for the 2014 season, these two changes go into effect. Fans will want to see the new uniforms, first off. This should get large crowds to the first few home games and if the team performs well, it should get more people to the latter half of the home games.

This is all about commitment and dedication. Shafer has shown the passion and drive to make the program big again and although these two additions are a huge plus for growth, everything comes down to recruitment. SU fans have two things to look forward to right now: seeing these new uniforms in person and the LSU series.

LSU coming to the Dome is huge. Not only will this get people to come and watch the game, but it will give Syracuse the exposure it needs. This game is very likely to be nationally televised and that gives high school players around the nation the opportunity to see Syracuse play, to watch its style, and to witness the atmosphere in the Dome. Although it’s better to see it in person, one can get an idea from watching it on television. This is like the Texas Bowl. If SU can put on a good show against a national title contender and a legendary head coach in Les Miles, one would think it’s worth checking out Syracuse to see what it has to offer.

Even though some high school players will be watching on TV, there will be players who make their visit to campus and attend the game. As the program continues to grow from the Marrone era into the Shafer era, most has gone well. Syracuse has been in three bowl games in the last four years. Last season was inconsistent, with a first-year quarterback, new head coach, and new conference. Now that the team is more organized and familiar with each other and the opponents, the expectations are higher this year. This should lead to more wins. If Syracuse can win more games, make another bowl game, win that bowl game, more recruits should have an interest in putting on this new uniform for the chance to play LSU in 2015 and 2017.

The program is going places. The new changes lead to winning more games and giving SU a better reputation as one of the better programs in college football. The coaches and athletic staff are committed to growth and this is certainly a step in the right direction. These are ways to get people to the games, and that does not only mean fans. It means recruits and possible future players.

This is just the start of something big.

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