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Syracuse Football Recruiting Heats Up During Summer Offseason

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Now that the spring game is over, the summer offseason for Syracuse football begins. The players can now only work out on their own until they officially report to camp on August 4th. It is a different story for the orange coaching staff. Scott Shafer and company now embark on recruiting trips all across the nation. With two 2015 verbal commit sso far (running backs Tyrone Perkins and Jordan Fredericks), the SU coaches have some work to do.

Syracuse coaches will go about this crucial recruiting period much differently than in years past. Shafer was hired by Syracuse in January of 2013 and over the last two seasons he has recruited heavily in areas he and his coaching staff know best. That’s why so many of SU’s recent commits have come from either Illinois or the south. This year, Shafer wants to work harder in the New York and New Jersey areas like his predecessor Doug Marrone.

Syracuse offensive line coach Joe Adam has been assigned to be the head recruiter in New York City. First year tight ends coach Bobby Acosta is in charge of New Jersey and Long Island. Shafer wants his future recruiting classes to be made up of top players from all over the country.

This new system is paying off despite being barely a month old. Acosta was the primary recruiter of Tyrone Perkins.

The Orange has definitely started slow out of the gate this recruiting season but the team is headed in the right direction. If Adam and Acosta are successful in bringing in talent from New York and New Jersey then the Orange will be competitive in three key regions across the country. That’s a big step forward for a team that used to mainly recruit players from only its own backyard. With quite a few offers already handed out and many more to come, it will be interesting to see which players in the 2015 class choose to play at Syracuse.

Posted by: Connor Morrissette

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