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The Fizz Guide to the Syracuse Spring Football Game

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Earlier this week, Scott Shafer detailed how today’s spring football game will work. He said the game will be an offensive/defensive type of scrimmage because the team does not have two fully healthy offensive lines. Shafer plans to run a seven on seven scrimmage to warm up his team before the official scrimmage begins.

The spring game’s scoring system will be different than a typical football game. The offense will be able to score points in the traditional way (touchdowns, extra points and field goals). In this year’s game, the defense will also be able to score points. According to Shafer, an interception will be worth six points, a three and out will be worth three points, a turnover on downs will be good for one point, and a defensive touchdown will be 13 points (six for the turnover and seven for the score.)

Shafer and quarterbacks coach Tim Lester devised the point system. Both coaches like it because with this system the game will not finish with too high of a score and will also be competitive. Last week, Shafer watched the film from a spring game he was a part of in the past where the defense won by a lopsided margin. He applied this year’s scoring system to that game and the result was much closer.

The coaches want the team to run 80 plays by halftime. After the break, whichever team is losing will have an opportunity on special teams to even the score. Coach Shafer is calling it a “punting challenge.” Punter Riley Dixon will attempt to land his kicks inside the fifteen-yard line. If SU’s punt defense can pin the returner inside the fifteen-yard line, then the losing team will be awarded one point. If the returner is pinned inside the 10-yard line, then two points will be awarded to the losing team and if the returner is pinned inside the five-yard line it will be worth three points. After the punting challenge the team will play the second half.

Coach Lester does not plan on leaving Terrell Hunt in at quarterback for too long if the redshirt junior impresses. Lester really wants to see how the younger quarterbacks look in a game setting with fans at the Dome. Shafer echoed this sentiment. He says the spring game is a test for the younger guys and a chance for the older players to have fun.

Posted by: Connor Morrissette 

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