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Fizz Five: 3-Star Commit Andrejas Duerig Talks SU Football

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Last week the Fizz went one-on-one with 2015 offensive line commit Andrejas Duerig to discuss why he loves Syracuse, a possible position change to center and his academic goals at SU. The 6’4’’, 280-pound offensive lineman even shares his story about the Sliders burger challenge he attempted while Up on the Hill.

Listen to the complete interview here.

On how it feels to be committed:

“It feels really good. It is exciting and exhilarating…[the coaches] are building a team for the ACC and it’s a great thing.”

On changing phone numbers so other schools can’t contact him:

“I really like Syracuse and I don’t need all these other colleges calling me and saying this school is better when I know in my heart and my mind it is not, Syracuse is the place I want to go…I don’t want to go to any college but Syracuse.”

On what sold him on Syracuse:

“The coaches and the facilities were fantastic. I was able to talk to the coaches whenever I wanted. They want to listen. They care. They know that I care and I’ll listen…The education [also] is top notch at Syracuse.”

On his studies:

“I want to major in communications. I know that is the best in the country at Syracuse. I want to minor in business and that’s top [as well]…It’s things I love doing.”

On possibly switching to center at SU:

“I find it kind of comical and awesome because in pop warner I was a center. I kind of moved from right guard to right tackle through middle school and then from middle school to my freshman year of high school I became a tight end…Then junior year I went back to right guard and [now] in college I find out I’ll be back at center…I find it awesome.”

Posted by: Connor Morrissette

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