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Why Not Add a 7th QB to the Syracuse Roster?

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Even with six quarterbacks on the current roster, Syracuse still has young QBs on its radar.

Lamar Jackson is a 6’2”, 200-pound quarterback out of Boynton Beach Community High School in Boynton Beach, Fla. 

He is a recruit in the Class of 2015 and could possibly be one of the guys to compete for a job when Terrel Hunt’s time in Syracuse is over. But the Orange has a big list of guys behind Hunt who will also compete for the starting role in a few years.

Mitch Kimble, A.J. Long, Austin Wilson, Troy Green and Alin Edouard are all still underclassmen, meaning they are freshmen or sophomores. Orange fans are already used to seeing how Scott Shafer handles a positioning competition, so it will really be anybody’s game.

Jackson is a 3-star recruit, according to ESPN’S Recruiting Nation, and listed as the 19th best quarterback in the Class of 2015. He has received offers from top schools such as Auburn, Clemson, Florida State, Oregon, and South Carolina. He has also received offers from West Virginia, UCF, Nebraska, Marshall, Georgia, Cincinnati, and Akron.

According to Yahoo!’s Rivals, he also has interest in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, NC State, Mississippi State, Ohio State and Utah State.

His style of play is very similar to that of Hunt’s. In his first season, Hunt showed that he could pass the ball, though not always with the best consistency. But if he is struggling to complete passes, he is not afraid to take off with his feet and pick up yardage himself. Hunt and Jackson are similar in height, (Hunt is 6’3”), but Hunt has about 30 more pounds on Jackson.

One of the things Jackson may want to focus on at the collegiate level is picking up mass to be a more physically tough quarterback. He has a good eye to see the gaps on the field for yards. And although he can break tackles, the collegiate level gets tougher and so does the defense.

He has a soft, float toss where he seems relaxed and focused on location rather than firing a bullet to his receivers.

Jackson would be an excellent pick up for Syracuse. He has a ton of potential with his passing and mobile game and he is skilled for the collegiate level but one of the major things he may want to work on is building mass.

The Fizz hopes to be able to speak to Jackson about his college decision and his style of play in the coming weeks.

Posted by: Austin Pollack

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