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DA: Five Reasons We Hate Louisville

NY TImes

NY TImes

Syracuse takes on Louisville tonight at the Carrier Dome. Strange scheduling quirk, this is SU’s first ACC game. The Cardinals have already played three of them. Game is on ESPN. There’s plenty not to love about UofL. Here’s the top 5:

5) The Coca-Cola Bowl.¬†In December 1989, SU defeated the Cardinals 24-13 in the Coca-Cola Bowl in Tokyo. What the hell is that? Who knows. It’s¬†the only time Syracuse has played outside the U.S. It wasn’t SU’s bowl that year. The Orangemen finished 7-4 and went on to face Georgia in the Peach Bowl at the end of the month. But the fact SU had to travel all the way to Japan to play Louisville, and lost starting QB Mark McDonald to an ankle injury in the game on that bizarre foreign turf, is enough to hate UofL for.

4) Papa John’s Stadium and the Yum! Center.¬†How are we supposed to take these teams seriously? Corporate naming is fine, but we need a crappy pizza chain and the sound of a 6-year-old describing his Dunkeroos as the sponsors? Have a real corporate name on your stadium – like an¬†old air conditioning company!

3) Syracuse has beaten the Cardinals ass the last two¬†times it mattered for UofL. In ’12, SU beat #11 Lousiville 45-26 at the Dome. In ’07, the Orange knocked off the #18 Cards on the road 38-35. In between, there’s been a number of Cardinal wins in the series. But always when Louisville is unranked.

2) Rick Pitino’s sliminess.¬†We all know the story by now of him on the restaurant floor doing the boom-boom with his mistress. Then we have to hear him talk about standing strong with the Big East, faking his ethics, buying time until UofL did the same thing. Snake.

1) Bobby Petrino getting his old job back. How¬†muddy does your morality have to be to re-hire Petrino after the way he’s left every job in his career, how he’s always secretly set up meetings with other ADs while employed, and his lying, cheating on his wife, and employing his mistress at Arkansas? Nice look Louisville.

What’s your #1 reason for hating the Cards?

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