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Report: Syracuse Hoops & Football Programs Under Serious Investigation

Storm clouds are brewing over SU athletics.

By next week, we’ll know far more when Syracuse goes in front of the NCAA investigation committee. But for now the early news trickling out is not good: Syracuse football and basketball are under the heat lamp for academic violations and improper benefits.

According to reports Thursday night, the football program could be facing the same scrutiny over recruiting and eligibility as the basketball program. The football violations reportedly date back to Coach P and/or Greg Robinson’s tenure, not Doug¬†Marrone. Obviously the hoops violations would’ve happened under Jim Boeheim.

There has been plenty of hand wringing from SU insiders over the last week. About 7 days ago those close to the athletic dept. began hearing rumblings that the NCAA investigation would turn up very bad news. While specifics have been tough to come by, the general feeling was both football and basketball were in serious trouble.

Academic improprieties and illegal benefits would both be significant violations. Whether this results in postseason bans or scholarship reductions is anybody’s guess right now. But the storm clouds do not look good. And if the football program was breaking the rules AND still losing, that just adds insult to injury

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