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FizzCast: The Syracuse Football Fallout After a Painful Loss to Duke

Listen to Team Fizz analyze what went wrong.

It’s a non-bowl season for Syracuse. An ugly loss to Duke means the Orange will finish with a sub-.500 record. While the SU defense held its own, the offense couldn’t produce points. The FizzCast team of Seth Goldberg and Zephan Mayell analyzed it.

Zephan Mayell said, “It all unraveled. It was the same story for the Orange. The defense played great, the offense was nowhere to be seen. At a certain point, you have to take chances down the field.” 

Seth Goldberg, “What’s the final two weeks going to look like for this Orange team?” 

While injuries are obviously a factor, that wasn’t the only reason SU lost. The Orange didn’t help themselves.

Mayell,“You have to play who’s on the field. You have to adjust your play-calling to who’s on the field. You’d like to see the Orange at least give their players a chance to move the ball, pick up some yards, catch Duke off guard.” 

Goldberg: “Some of the problem was when Austin Wilson was given the chance, he didn’t take advantage of the chances. When Wilson was given the chance, he didn’t always make the passes. Jarrod West did not play a good game. He flat out stopped running on some routes. That’s something you have to be mindful of.” 

Listen to the FizzCast break down what went wrong.

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