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Live Streaming of the Sweet 16! The Fizz is Sponsored by Slingbox in March

Getting the games delivered right to the laptop all weekend.

Pretty cool. Some of my buddies and guys I work with have told me about their Slingbox for years. Essentially, you can watch your personal TV from anywhere in the world. A lot of my friends in the industry travel for work, covering events, traveling with teams, etc. So how do you watch your shows on DVR? If you’re in the Phoenix Marriott, how do you watch the Yankees broadcasts on YES? If you’re at the stadium during Mad Men, and you’re in the middle of a 12-day road trip, what do you do?


I’m gonna be bouncing back and forth this weekend between a bunch of different events and I can’t miss the Sweet 16/Elite 8 games. Slingbox asked if they could sponsor some content on the Fizz, and get the word out about the product. So, I’m I figured I’m all in. This is a great time for me to try it out.

On top of it, there’s a benefit to you guys, the readers of the Fizz.

They’re running the¬†Slingbox Madness Cubed sweepstakes until Saturday. Just click on that link to enter.¬†You¬†can win a Slingbox M1 (68 winners will be chosen). Plus, one lucky winner will receive a ‚Äúcube makeover‚Äù in their office, college team swag, an office party, and a Slingbox 500 (a $5,000 value).

This is running just for the next couple of days, so hurry up and enter this giveaway before it closes, by visiting the campaign landing page. Winners will be announced on March 29, 2015.

So I ordered the Slingbox M1, and hooked it up.

These are some of the images on my MacBook Pro. Very clear. Streams very smoothly. It’s all hooked up via WiFi. Had initial issues trying to connect, but it just turned out I needed to update my OS X. Once I did that it was no problem. And I got great support from the Slingbox team on the help line over the phone. They diagnosed it quickly. Once that was updated, I had it running. I popped on CBS Sports Network this afternoon because they were re-running the Kansas-Wichita State game (by the way, another early exit for Bill Self as a high-seed. My Jayhawks buddies are NOT pleased. Nice that we beat them when it mattered in ’03).

You can change the channels and set your DVR using a graphic of your actual remote control right on the computer screen. Really looking forward to seeing how it works all weekend with the games going on from the Carrier Dome.

Remember to enter the giveaway for your chance at a FREE Slingbox and a Syracuse “cube makeover!”

Posted: D.A.

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