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What BJ Johnson and Ron Patterson’s Transfers Mean for SU Recruiting Beyond Thomas Bryant

BJ Johnson and Ron Patterson transferring means Syracuse can potentially add Thomas Bryant in its 2015 class; and it gets better. The pair’s departures are also significant because down the road the Orange will be able to bring in more recruits, despite the lost scholarships.

The Fizz wrote earlier this month about how in 2016 it looked like Matthew Moyer was going to be the only player SU could add. Now that’s not the case.

Syracuse can have ten total players on scholarship in two seasons with the losses. Here’s where we have to make some assumptions. After next year will Chris McCullough be on the team? Probably not, he’ll most likely head to the NBA. If Jim Boeheim is able to land Thomas Bryant, will he still be on the team? That ones a little tougher, but let’s say he heads to the NBA as well. Finally, factoring Malachi Richardson into the mix, let’s say he stays at SU for his sophomore season.

That leaves Syracuse with eight scholarship players returning after next season meaning the Orange does not have to mess with Moyer’s commitment and can still look to add a stud. Clearly, this scenario depends on players staying or leaving, but it feels safe to estimate Syracuse can bring in a at least one more player after Moyer. This is crucial because, using last season as an example, things can get pretty ugly when a whole class underachieves.

Looking to 2017, even with scholarship losses Syracuse could bring in an even meatier class with players graduating and/or heading to the NBA.

Losing Johnson and Patterson was important for the future of SU basketball.

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Posted: Connor Morrissette

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