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Syracuse The 13th Ranked Coaching Job in the ACC

How bad is it to coach Syracuse football?

The Syracuse football coaching job was rated the 13th-best in the ACC, according to a poll released by Athlon Sports. The vote asked media professionals who cover the ACC which job they would take first if they had their choice. Syracuse finished 13th (out of 14) schools in the conference.

The results aren’t all that surprising; it’s no secret that Syracuse football has struggled recently. The move to the ACC hasn’t done the Orange any favors as far as success on the field goes, and Syracuse is coming off it’s worst season in years. The 3-9 season after two straight bowl wins isn’t the most attractive thing to see if you’re a recruit.

But still, 13th?

It isn’t the first time the Syracuse job has been trashed by the media. In February ESPN’s Travis Haney ranked the job as the 9th worst in the nation. Even in that ranking, Duke was a spot lower than Syracuse.

The main reason for Syracuse’s low ranking is the lack of opportunity. Incoming coaches don’t look at what has been done, but instead at what could be done. In Syracuse, it isn’t all that much. Syracuse’s weather isn’t a recruit magnet, and the Dome has never been much to look at. At a school mainly known for it’s basketball, any incoming coach would have to accept the role of a shadow. Aside from that, Syracuse sports as a whole hasn’t looked too great lately with the NCAA sanctions and all that.

A football program which was once a power has no dipped into lower than mediocrity. 13th in the ACC may be hard to hear if you’re a Syracuse fan, but if nothing else it’s probably accurate.

Posted: Nathan Dickinson

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