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How Much Would Robert Washington Change Syracuse’s Perception?

What could it mean for the Orange?

The frst thought when you see a recruit that has Syracuse among Alabama, Michigan, and Florida is that the Orange doesn’t really have a chance. But for whatever reasons, whether it is the coaching staff, the allure of wearing the number 44, or his love of Ernie Davis, it seems like the Orange has a legit chance of snagging Robert Washington.

Washington is not just any other recruit, he is a potential program changer. Maybe not for an Alabama, or a Michigan, or a Florida, but he seems like the kind of guy who can change something here at SU. Part of the reason: his standing as a top flight recruit.

24/7 Sports ranks him as the 14th best running back in the Class of 2016 and a four-star prospect. When is the last time the Orange really had a top-flight prospect like Washington? KJ Williams was considered a four-star recruit, but he never made it to SU.

But Washington isn’t only important because of his perceived talent, or status as a top flight recruit, or even because of the other schools that are interested in him. He is important to SU because of the perception of the program. If Syracuse were to land a top talent like Washington, it is possible other top talent would take Syracuse and coach Shafer more seriously when they show up at their games and in their living rooms.

And based on comments made Wednesday to by Washington’s father, it seems like there is a good chance Robert Washington is coming to SU. And yes, there has been some controversy surrounding the comments, but I do trust the reporter and his gathering of comments. Washington’s dad said, Syracuse fans don’t need to worry. That could be for one of two reasons. One possibility is that Washington Sr. knows that is son has already decided to come to SU, so Cuse fans don’t need to worry about him coming. The other possibility is that Washington Sr. knows his son is not coming to Syracuse and then SU fans don’t need to worry about rooting for him for the next four years.

There is still much to be seen in regards to this situation, but regardless of what happens, it is certainly a step in the right direction that the Orange are even in the hunt. Washington has said he will make his decision on Saturday.

When he does, we will have coverage on and our twitter page, @OrangeFizz.

Posted By: Seth Goldberg

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