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So… Will Robert Washington Get 44 Or Not?

Who knows at this point?

I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on with this number anymore.

On Tuesday the athletic department announced it would reinstate the number 44, an announcement that was met with open arms for the most part. A day after, the university backtracks, saying the number will only be worn in “special circumstance” for “someone extraordinary given the honor it would be to wear 44.” But what exactly does that mean?¬†In the direct future, what does it mean for Robert Washington?

Washington wants to wear 44, but is he “someone extraordinary” or a “special circumstance”? I have no idea. There never seems to be any definitive answers when the university comes out with these kinds of statements, and Syracuse has certainly given itself a lot of wiggle room on this one. Is “someone extraordinary” a person who’s already proven himself in a Syracuse uniform, or can it be an incoming freshman who was highly regarded in high school?

A committee will decide who to give the number to and when to give it, but when will they know?¬†”I think that person always reveals himself,” former 44 wearer and committee member Floyd Little told “You find a person who’s a great athlete, student-athlete, a great community worker and a good person.” Is Washington that person?

I certainly think so. Washington could be the most talked about recruit to come to Syracuse since 44 was retired a decade ago, and there’s no need to put all that hype to waste. Little was extremely excited about the number being reinstated, so I think he’ll be pushing the committee to give it to Washington. I don’t know why Syracuse put an asterisk on the return of 44 Wednesday, but I don’t think the number will go without a name for much longer.

Should Robert Washington get 44? If not, then who will? Leave your thoughts in the comments below

Posted: Nathan Dickinson


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