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St. Louis RB Tre Bryant Puts Syracuse In His Top 7

What chance does Syracuse have at him?

Tre Bryant has officially put Syracuse in his top 7 list of schools. That is if you consider a list that Bryant typed out on his iPhone and then tweeted official. The running back from St. Louis sent this out Monday night:

Tre Bryant (TreBryant_8) on Twitter

A top 7 list shouldn’t be anything to celebrate about, and it definitely isn’t looking at all definitive¬†in this case. Bryant made it very clear that this list is preliminary. Along with the asterisk in the photo above, Bryant said in his tweet that he was “open to new interest.” This list could see a lot of shifting and new names before it comes time for Bryant to make a decision.

The other teams on the list give Syracuse reason to worry as well. It’s not that there’s any football powerhouses Syracuse has to compete with (although Mizzou has been very good since moving to the SEC), but there are five schools in the midwest. It’s starting to look like location is a factor for this kid, and that doesn’t work in the Orange’s favor. The other far-away school trying to grab Bryant is UNLV. I don’t know about you, but on most days I’d rather be in Las Vegas than Syracuse.

Of course there should still be some optimism with the announcement, being in the top 7 is better than not. There’s just a lot of work that has to be done here; let’s not jump the gun.

Do you think Syracuse has a real chance at Tre Bryant? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted: Nathan Dickinson

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