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The 44 Circus Needs to End… Now

Jim Brown says he did not endorse the restoration of 44, but it is time to move on.

It has been written about countless times over the past month and it is just about time that all of the talk stops.  Syracuse un-retired 44, then backtracked on their full reinstatement of the number after harsh words from Syracuse legend Donavon McNabb.  Now, another Syracuse legend, one who actually wore the famed number has had his say and Jim Brown is not happy.

He said that he “didn’t exactly give [his] blessings” when he was asked about restoring 44.

Opponents of the 44 resurgence will use this as further proof that they have been right all along.  Syracuse should not dishonor Brown, Ernie Davis and Floyd Little.  Others will say Brown has done little for the University since he left and has had off-the-field issues that make his opinion somewhat irrelevant.

When it comes down to it none of this matters.

This entire 44 situation has turned into little more than a circus. ¬†Every slight backtrack or change in Syracuse’s policy turns it into that much bigger of a fiasco.

Obviously, some of the blame for this falls on the media and the people who keep writing about it. ¬†This is my last word on the issue. ¬†No more changing minds, no more freaking out over former players’ comments.

For better or worse, Syracuse has made the decision to bring back the number 44 for their football team.  There have been and there always be critics of this decision.  Syracuse cannot please everyone so they need to stop trying to.  Whatever is said from now on, Syracuse needs to just stick to their decision.

Soon enough, if there isn’t a response from the university, like there was after McNabb’s comments, this whole saga will die down. ¬†There will still be murmurs and complaints but Syracuse had to know that would happen when they made this decision. ¬†They have made their bed and now they have to lie in it.

This whole 44 saga can be summed up in the words of another great Syracuse 44 Derrick Coleman: ¬†”Whoop-de-damn-do”

Posted: Logan Grossman

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