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What Does Scott Shafer Think About An Early Signing Period?

Coach Shafer chimed in on the proposal coming to a vote this week.

Here’s a shocker: Scott Shafer wants to be able to sign players earlier.

An article on Monday quoted Shafer (along with a number of other coaches from around the country) as being pro-early signing period. Why are people talking about this now, you ask? Later this week the Collegiate Commissioners Association (sounds exciting, I know) will vote on a proposal to implement a three-day period in December when players would be able to sign letters of intent.

The rules as of now say Division I college football players can only sign on and after National Signing Day, which is part of the reason why we make such a big deal out of it. Soccer and water polo are the only other college sports without an early signing period.

As for Shafer, he’s in favor of an early signing period in order to “save some time and money.” Shafer talked about why the current deal frustrates him:

“What happens is you end up having to kind of baby-sit the kids, and you spend a lot of time and money, and a lot of those kids: ‘Coach, we really don’t have to come back, you know I’m coming.’ And I say: ‘I got to, because you never know who else is going to try to walk in the door and change his mind.’ An early signing date will alleviate some of those things”

It makes sense. Some players won’t know who they’ll sign with until February, but some of them will know in December. Hell, some of them know now. Why not let them sign a bit earlier?

If the vote were to pass, changes would take place this season. That means Syracuse would have the chance to ink players a bit earlier in a recruiting year that could turn into one of Syracuse’s best in recent memory.

What do you think about the early signing period proposal? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Posted: Nathan Dickinson

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