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Syracuse Football Scholarship Crunch: Creativity With Adam Giordano

The NCAA has a strict limit on the number of commitments a football team can accept each year. Syracuse has reached the limit of 25 but there is a 26th player who appears to be coming to the Hill in the fall as part of the 2015 recruiting class.

With the twenty-five players signed, Syracuse had to go about bringing Giordano to Syracuse in a slightly different way. The linebacker from Camden Catholic (Cherry Hill, N.J.) didn’t break out until mid-way through his senior year, by which time most colleges had filled their 25-man recruiting class.

In fact, Giordano did not even play football his first three years of high school as he impressed on the soccer and lacrosse fields.

So how is it possible that the linebacker can play for the Orange in the fall?

There are two scenarios which can play out for Giordano to join Syracuse, both of which are very plausible.  Plenty has been said about Marquise Blair and his academic issues which could prevent him from suiting up in 2015. reports that Blair has taken the necessary summer classes to qualify but there has been no official confirmation that he will in fact be eligible.

If Blair does not qualify, than that is the end of all of these discussions.¬† Giordano can take Blair’s scholarship for 2015 and everyone can go on their merry way (well except Blair).

If Blair does in fact qualify — which would be great for Syracuse as he is one of strongest¬†members of the class of 2015¬†-¬†the Orange still should be able to bring Giordano to the Hill.

There is, in fact, a way for both Blair and Giordano to play next season.

GIordano is, technically, an unrecruited player and, under NCAA regulations, this means his scholarship does not kick in until the fall semester. In order to qualify as a “recruited athlete”, the player must be invited to take an “official visit”, meet with a member of the school’s coaching staff and received a letter of intent.

Syracuse believes that Giordano does not meet these requirements and is, therefore, an unrecruited player, thus allowing him to attend Syracuse despite the 25 players already committed.

In short terms, expect to see Adam Giordano at Syracuse come the fall.

Posted: Logan Grossman 

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