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“Syracuse’s Facilities Were Better Than Northwestern’s,” Sam Heckel Talks With The Fizz

Heckel hits on everything surrounding his recruitment.

Wisconsin’s Sam Heckel, the third and most likely final offensive lineman in Syracuse’s 2016 recruiting class, chatted with the Fizz earlier this week. He hit on what happened with him and Northwestern, his relationship with his high school football coach, his favorite position on the field and much more.

The lineman started off the interview discussing how he ended up with SU after Northwestern could not accept his commitment. The Wildcats had already filled up on offensive lineman in its 2016 recruiting class when Heckel tried to commit earlier this summer.

“My mind was kind of in a jumble. I was really set on [Northwestern]… Thankfully Syracuse came because once I checked them out, I checked out their academics, the football program and location, I thought it was perfect, just like Northwestern, probably better to be honest…[Syracuse’s] facilities were better than Northwestern’s.”

Heckel then talked about how his Waukesha West high school coach, Steve Rux, played an instrumental role in his college football recruitment.

“Last year it was my first year being with him. He’s the head coach, but also the o-line coach, so I played d-line before so I wasn’t super close with him….He developed me and we have a great relationship. He had a lot of connections with colleges…he respects my decisions and what I do and vice-versa.”

Rux actually made the call to move Heckel from offensive line to defensive line. Clearly, that decision has greatly benefitted the lineman.

Once the high school football talk concluded Heckel touched on where he prefers to play on the line and where he thinks he will fit in at Syracuse.

“I personally like [playing] tackle better, I think it’s more fun. I think tackle’s harder and more of a challenge but I think guard is fun too. Personally I think I’m more of a tackle type and that’s what Coach Adam sees me playing.”

Listen to the complete Heckel interview here.

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Posted: Connor Morrissette

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