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Fizz Interview: The Curious Case of Brandon Ginnetti

Will Ginnetti’s scholarship offer still be honored?

Last summer Connecticut defensive end Brandon Ginnetti committed to Syracuse and planned to enroll this July with the rest of the 2015 class. A preseason foot injury sidelined Ginnetti for his senior season and also pushed back his enrollment on the Hill.

Ginnetti initially thought Syracuse would keep a scholarship for him in the 2016 class and he would enroll this January. Now the coaching staff isn’t returning his phone calls and he’s not sure where he stands with the Orange.

“I’m 100 percent cleared from my doctor’s. I’ve been running around doing everything, I’m not limited to anything, but I mean the doctors at Syracuse and the coaches they’re not really comfortable with my foot I guess.”

Ginnetti has tried to get in touch with Scott Shafer and Chuck Bullough this summer, but so far he hasn’t heard from them.

“I’ve tried to be in contact with them as much as I could, but I mean they don’t really respond to me much. They talk to my coach Joe Linta…[Linta] called me today [and said that Syracuse] is iffy about me coming there.”

The defensive lineman went on to say that he still absolutely wants to play college football for Syracuse, but he’s totally in the dark about his scholarship situation.

It’s pretty clear that the Orange is trying to cut the chord with Ginnetti. It’s just odd that Shafer won’t let him know Syracuse’s plan. If Shafer doesn’t think he’ll have a scholarship for Ginnetti in the 2016 class or he doesn’t feel comfortable giving him one because of the foot injury, he should let the commit know.

Many people will say this is just a part of football recruiting. When a kid’s future is on the line though, is it really too much to let him know if he’s still able to come to SU? Even if that’s up in the air, the coaches could at least say to wait and follow up in the future.

So far none of this has happened and that doesn’t seem fair.

Listen to the complete Ginnetti interview here.

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Posted: Connor Morrissette

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