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Fizz 5: Thoughts Heading Into Syracuse-LSU

Syracuse comes into the Dome sitting at 3-0 for the first time in 24 years. LSU comes in at 2-0 and ranked 8th in the country. So it’s a tough task for the Orange. I don’t think the Orange will win, so this isn’t a “keys to an Orange win” this is just thoughts heading into the game.

  1. Not playing Dungey is the right call

It has already been announced that Zack Mahoney will handle the quarterbacking duties this week. And it’s the right call. Dungey is dealing with an “upper-body injury” and based on the hit he took, it is likely a concussion. So give Dungey an extra week off to pair with the bye week between the LSU game and the USF game. Make sure Dungey is healthy so he can play in the games the Orange has a better chance of winning like USF and UVA.

  1. Leonard Fournette will be a handful

Leonard Fournette is the best running back in the country. Just look at what he did last week to Auburn. Statistically, the Orange has the best rushing defense in the country, but that comes against Rhode Island, Wake Forest and Central Michigan. And Leonard Fournette is the best player the Orange will see this year. I am not afraid to say, I’m excited to see Leonard Fournette to play this Saturday in the Dome.

  1. It’s not fair to evaluate Zack Mahoney on this week

This should go without saying. Mahoney is a walk-on and he’s making his first career start against a program that is known for having fantastic defenses. This is a team allowing just 20 points per game. The offense was going to struggle whether Mahoney or Dungey or Terrel Hunt were leading the unit. Dungey will be the quarterback when he is healthy, and that is not even up for debate. But it also isn’t fair to look at what happens Saturday and make any assumptions regarding how well or poorly Mahoney can play.

  1. Don’t get anyone hurt

The biggest thing for this game is not getting anyone hurt. The Orange want to get through the game, have a good showing, and make sure they are healthy in 2 weeks when they travel to Tampa to face South Florida.

  1. How will this turnout?

The Orange will lose. There is not doubt in my mind there. Maybe the Orange can hold it close for the first half, but after that the LSU attack led by Leonard Fournette will be too much.

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