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By The Numbers: Syracuse’s Offensive Transformation

Take a moment and think back to a month ago. Terrel Hunt had just injured his achilles and been declared out for the season, and true freshman Eric Dungey was announced the starter. What were your expectations? Another disappointing season on offense, probably. Tim Lester didn’t get that memo, and has been scoring at rates unseen in 2014. Here’s a closer look at just how much better this year’s offense has been.

3: Times Syracuse has scored 30 points this season

In each of Syracuse’s first three games, the Orange were able to put up 30 points. To put that into perspective, Syracuse scored 30 in only two of its games all last season. The Orange has also scored four touchdowns in two of its last four games, which only happened once last year. Two of Syracuse’s 30-point games were against the same teams it scored 30 against last season (Central Michigan and Wake Forest), so don’t get too optimistic yet.

9: Passing touchdowns this season

The passing game has improved tremendously since last season. Orange quarterbacks have been more efficient and smarter with the ball, and it shows. Syracuse has nine passing touchdowns through four games, which isn’t all that impressive until you remember that the Orange threw only six passing touchdowns in all of 2014. Syracuse has passed for at least two touchdowns in all of its games, a level of consistency which is a sight for the sore eyes that had to watch this team last year.

5.7 yards per play

Further driving home the point, Syracuse is averaging 5.7 yards per play as opposed to the 4.9 yards per play it averaged in 2014. The running game is averaging 4.8 yards per carry as opposed to the 4.1 it averaged last season. Syracuse had more than 20 first downs in three games last season, while it has already done so in two games this year.

Posted: Nathan Dickinson

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