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Jim Boeheim Still Waiting On NCAA

Syracuse basketball opens its regular season two weeks from tomorrow, and the exhibition slate starts on Monday night. It would be logical to think that Jim Boeheim has heard from the NCAA regarding his appeal, and knows just how many games and practices he will miss this January. Of course, as we know, logic has no place in the NCAA. And thus, Jim Boeheim still has yet to hear from the NCAA.

Boeheim has repeatedly said in interviews that he has yet to hear, he mentioned Wednesday on SportsCenter that he would expect to know how long his suspension is before the start of the season, but added that he has no idea when the announcement will really be made.

So how does a coach approach a season where he knows he will miss time, but doesn’t know how long that period of time will be? How is it fair to the coach and the players? Or the assistant that will take over? How can the NCAA even pretend that this is fair treatment of a coach?

Well, there are still two weeks to go before the season, and the suspension is not set to begin until December 30th when Syracuse goes to Pitt, but it would be nice to know before the season begins.

We at the Fizz think there is a case to be made using SMU coach Larry Brown’s suspension as an example, to get that suspension lessened a little. And if you are in for TV-powered conspiracy theories, Duke is scheduled to be the 7th ACC game, so…

But all kidding aside, there is likely a case to be made to have the suspension shortened, and whether that means it becomes 6 games of 4 games or 5 games, we don’t know, and neither does Boeheim. But soon enough we should know.

It is ridiculous that there has yet to be an announcement from the NCAA, yet another question in the handling of the entire Syracuse basketball case.

Posted By: Seth Goldberg

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