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“Coach Babers Will Bring SU To New Heights,” Gabe Sherrod Talks With The Fizz

Sherrod can’t wait to get to Syracuse.

Delaware State graduate transfer Gabe Sherrod committed to Syracuse after a visit in February. He spoke with the Fizz about why he chose SU, his run in with the law at Delaware State and his relationship with Dino Babers.

On why he is coming to the Hill.

“There’s no other opportunity that would have given me the whole package like that. I come in and I am able to get a great education especially when we’re talking about my masters as well as being able to play immediately and play a big role on a big squad with a lot of people coming back with good experience on the defensive side of the ball in 2016.”

On the “big name school” that was interested in him during his recruitment.

“I’m not going to name that big school because honestly at this point it’s not important. It was a good opportunity and it didn’t work out. I also really wanted to come to Syracuse. That’s all I’ll say about that.”

On being open about being charged for theft after laptops and videogames were taken from a University of Delaware dorm room.

“That was one of the first points that I actually made [to the SU coaches] in the recruiting process. They didn’t have to ask me the question. I brought that to the forefront before they even had to delve into that. I just told them the full story of what happened, hearing it from me and we just went from there.”

On the SU coaching staff’s response.

“They were very pleased that I was upfront about it. You never want to find out something or feel like somebody’s hiding something from you so I just wanted to make that point very clear.”

On his relationship with Coach Babers.

“My relationship right now is great with Coach Dino Babers. I got to speak to him while I was on my visit and he sat me down the day before I left and just the conversation was great. He’s very open, I can tell he’s very understanding and he’s very willing to do whatever he can for his players, but he doesn’t tolerate nonsense from his players as well. I believe that Coach Babers is bringing a system to Syracuse that is going to allow growth and development in the program and excel us to new heights.”

Listen to the complete Sherrod interview here.

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Posted: Connor Morrissette

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