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Hey Twitter, Lay Off Malachi Richardson

Richardson has been getting hammered online.

Malachi Richardson has heard from everybody and their mother about whether he should enter the NBA Draft or stay at Syracuse for another season.

This caused him to tweet out, “I really wish ppl would stop commenting what they want or think I should do! ITS NOT ABOUT YOU ! it’s about ME! I will do what’s best for me.”

Of course when Richardson hit the send button the Internet ignored his request. Below are some of the responses the freshman received.

@EricMisiaszek: We just don’t want to see you make the mistake that Ennis and McCullough did by not staying another year. Top 5 pick next year

CuseFan1981: If you stay itll be the best decision youll ever make in your entire life..lottery pick if you stay or barely drafted if you go

@SChiroJL: Be careful and avoid the agents whispering in your ear like vulchurs, they only want your money. You need another year Mali.

@BobBlazknee: you are not NBA ready, bring Cuse a ship

@Benjaminichola: no one shld tell u wat 2 do. But I honestly think another year in the ncaa you will grow into a star and a top 5 pick #cuse

@AHuss23: but you are not good enough for the NBA yet

@CTCuse: stop reading about yourself and the problem is resolved

@JeffWill36: ask the following Wes Johnson , Donte Greene , Jeremy Grant, and Tyler Ines how that worked out!!!

@LaurenXO28: give us one more year

The majority of responses were supportive and wished Richardson luck on the decision, but these tweets could not be ignored.

It’s understandable that Syracuse fans want to see one of the team’s top players return for another year. But these hacks/trolls/whatever you want to call them are having the opposite effect.

Obviously Richardson is tuning these people out. If the New Jersey native does decide to go to the NBA though, these messages will serve as some sure-fire motivation.

If Richardson stays, he stays. If he goes, he goes. Whatever happens, the Internet will find another hot-topic to weigh in on and this will all be done.

Does it really make sense to pester a 20-year old kid?

Posted: Connor Morrissette

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