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2018 OL Justin Johnson Talks To The Fizz

Last week, 2018 Syracuse target Justin Johnson called in to Fizz Radio to talk to the Fizz’s Nathan Dickinson and Logan Grossman. Johnson received a scholarship offer from Syracuse on Halloween, and talked to Nathan and Logan about Syracuse and his recruitment.

Orange Fizz: How’d you get so big? (Johnson is 6-7, 335 pounds)

Justin Johnson: I don’t even know.¬† I think it’s my grandfather’ he’s about 6-4. My parents are shorter than me. Everyone’s shorter than me, I’m the tallest in my family. It’s probably the food that I eat.

OF: What’s your relationship with Syracuse right now?

JJ: My relationship with Syracuse is neutral. I’ve been speaking with Coach [Mike] Lynch for about two or three weeks. Coach Lynch and I have just been building that relationship … That’s the only person I’ve been talking to from Syracuse.

OF: You need to be fast to be a part of this offense. What makes you think you can keep up?

JJ: I would say my length and the footwork that I’ve gotten over the last year. I’ve only been playing football for one year, so my coach has made me a phenomenal run blocker, making sure my footwork is good and making sure I get to the second level and if you have a chance to get to the third level, make sure you open up those seams for the running back. In pass protection, make sure I hold my ground and keep the pocket where it needs to be for my quarterback to let go of the ball. For me, to fit into the Syracuse offense I have to keep my footwork together and be powerful off the ball every play.

OF: As a newer football player, how much will your ability to develop factor into your decision?

JJ: When I go to look at different universities and different programs it is a major factor… There’s some coaches who just want great football IQs, and then some want the players with the attributes to be a phenomenal football player, so that’s one major thing that will factor into my decision.

OF: How seriously are you thinking about your recruitment right now?

I take it seriously, but I’m not stressing myself at the moment because I’m a junior. My decision time isn’t until midway through my senior season. That’s not something I should overwhelm myself with right now, but I do take into serious consideration all the universities that offered me. I look into the academics every single day of each university and see how their programs do; see the statistics of each university. I just keep looking into more information, so when I do go to the university I can already have an idea in my head about the academic stuff.

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