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Which Syracuse Quarterback Has the Most to Lose?

Eric Dungey is the clear first-string quarterback for Syracuse, but what about the guy behind him?

Too many times in recent seasons, Syracuse starting quarterbacks have suffered injuries that sideline them for a game or two or even the full season. There is a legitimate possibility that the Orange will play its backup QB sometime in 2017 as well.

If Dungey gets hurt again this season, and especially if he sustains another concussion, it is very possible that his college career could be over. There was speculation last year after the game against Clemson where Dungey suffered a big hit that Syracuse University might medically disqualify him from play. That thought wasn’t far fetched — SU medically disqualified AJ Long in early 2015.

It’s safe to say that Dungey has a lot to lose if he get injured, but that is not the case right now.

Meanwhile, Mo Hasan and Rex Culpepper — both redshirt freshmen —  are not known names yet and can really only gain from the position they are in now.

Looking at spring preparations, there is one Orange quarterback who might have the most on the line.

With the addition of four-star quarterback Tommy Devito to this year’s roster, competition for the backup QB spot is a bit more heated. And that puts Zack Mahoney on the hot seat.

Mahoney made appearances in ten games last season. Until the end of the season when Austin Wilson was under center for the Orange, Mahoney went in when Dungey came out.

But this year, Mahoney’s backup job might be on the line. Devito has a legitimate chance to come in and prove himself in the college scene early on.

He got off to a slow start in high school this past season, but he soon picked up his game.

Once Devito officially joins the team later this year, we will keep a close eye on the depth chart contest.
Published: David Edelstein

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