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Why is Donovan McNabb the Butt of So Many Jokes?

If you’re a Syracuse fan, the last truly transcendent player in program history is Donovan McNabb. Dwight Freeney had an amazing SU career and went onto become one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. Chandler and Arthur Jones were sensational for the Orange as well, and carried that success into prolific pro careers. But no one since the ’90s has sold tickets, built buzz, and became “the face of the program” like McNabb.

He also went onto have a very successful NFL career, more than a decade as one of the most identifiable faces in the sport, the starting quarterback in a football-mad major market, and playing in 5 NFC championship games and a Super Bowl. But despite a stellar resume, McNabb continues to be the butt of jokes. Tuesday, Lenny Dykstra and Freddie Mitchell got into the act.


Freddie Mitchell has had a long-standing feud with McNabb, so seeing him joke about “fielding those ground balls” is not that surprising. Even though they connected on the famous “4th-and-26” play, FredEx says there was always animosity. The wideout claims McNabb was jealous of his celebrity, and Mitchell felt the quarterback was coddled by the coaching staff. Freddie has also said Philly strippers told him how much McNabb hated him (that makes for interesting champagne room convo).

But Mitchell is far from the only one who takes shots at McNabb. Maybe it’s because of his DUI and jail time for it. Possibly it’s because some of his analysis has been questionable. Maybe it was the feud with Terrell Owens. Maybe it was the infamous puke in the Super Bowl. But it’s bizarre for SU fans who remember him as the Patron Saint of the last glory years of Orange football to see him dragged through the mud as punchline continuously.

Then again, this is very much the pot calling the kettle black. Mitchell had a fraction of the career compared to McNabb and Dykstra has essentially become a living, breathing disaster post-playing. Someone let Lenny know what the World Series odds are. I’m sure he’s interested.

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