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Auburn Football’s Atmosphere is Incredible, Can Syracuse Do That?

I’m a Syracuse football fan from the ’90s. I know many of you go back much further than that. But as an ’01 SU grad, I was smack dab in the middle of the Donovan McNabb, Rob Konrad, Dwight Freeney years. The Dome used to rock and sway when the Hurricanes or Hokies or Wolverines or Vols came to town. And it hasn’t felt that way in a long time, but I’m hoping it can once again.

You’ll never have the passion of the SEC in Northeast football. It just doesn’t resonate the same way. But every year I take a college football road trip to a big time school, and I always wonder if SU can create some of that on campus. The biggest thing is playing important games. But when you see the tailgates on campus, the pregame traditions, the chants and ceremonies, it makes you wonder why we don’t even try.

No. 10 Auburn vs. No. 1 Georgia (2017), Watch My Trip To See This Amazing NCAA SEC Game (#40)

Here’s my short film on my road trip to Auburn, Alabama as the #10 Tigers knocked off #1 Georgia. Sure, when you topple an age-old rival who happens to be the top team in the country it’s a unique day. You can’t recreate those circumstances. But a Tiger Walk, “rolling Toomer’s Corner” and tailgating on campus are all things SU could make similar strides in capturing.

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