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Just Released: New Chapters to Syracuse Basketball versus Virginia, 2018 Edition

Chapter 1: 2016 — Syracuse defeats Virginia in the Elite Eight in comeback fashion after being down by 16 points to win the Midwest.


Chapter 2: 2017 — Syracuse again comes back from behind to top Virginia in the Dome, earning Jim Boeheim his unofficial 1,000th win.


Chapter 3: 2018 — Syracuse is on the road to face the Cavaliers for the first time this season.


Here are the new chapters included in the 2018 edition of this story you need to know in preparation for tonight’s game:


  • Chapter 4: Virginia ‚Äî currently ranked the number three team in the nation.
  • Chapter 5: The One Loss ‚Äî Virginia has only fallen once so far this season, and it was to West Virginia
  • Chapter 6: A Growing Team: three Cavaliers to watch
  • Chapter 7: Swords Ready ‚Äî the Cavaliers‚Äô defense is strong
  • Chapter 8: Syracuse ‚Äî a new team, one that is full of young players
  • Chapter 9: Boeheim ‚Äî the Syracuse offense is struggling
  • Chapter 10: A Forming Rivalry, or Not?




We’re past the point of focusing solely on the fact that the Orange is a team of young players. At the same time, we have to point out that Virginia is one of the top teams in the country at the moment with a stellar defense.


SU’s offensive production has not been the team’s strong point this year, so a comeback victory (or even a victory itself) is seemingly unlikely. (Sorry, I know I’m usually the optimist.)


Syracuse’s defense will have to remain strong to give the Orange a chance.


Stay tuned for the release of the Epilogue after tonight’s game. Closely monitor and @OrangeFizz on Twitter and Facebook for the official posting of postgame news and reviews.


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