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Top 5 Worst Twitter Overreactions/Takes of the Weekend

Twitter is a place for people to vent a little bit, express their feelings and get away from everything else for just a little while. It’s also a place where people tend to overreact and spew some pretty crazy takes.

There’s no better time for these kinds of bold statements than after a disappointing loss for one of your favorite teams and after SU’s overtime loss to Pitt on Saturday, the Orange Twitter warriors were out in full force and some of the things they had to say were, let’s just say, interesting. Here are the 5 best of the weekend:

1. Time to Start Looking Forward to Basketball

This is perhaps the most classic Syracuse fan take there is. Pair this along with all of the Tweets about how Syracuse is a basketball school and you’ve about 80% of Orange fans’ repertoires. Here’s the problem: there’s still a lot to look forward to in this football season. Sure, they’ve lost two in a row heading into the bye, but they also only need two more wins to make it to their first bowl game since 2013. You may still have the opportunity to play College Football Playoff spoiler against Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium in November and have another chance to beat a rival in BC in the last game of the season. This is also the last six or seven games you’ll get to see of Eric Dungey and even though he didn’t look great on Saturday, you have to appreciate him while he’s here because he’s been incredibly fun to watch, and you don’t have many opportunities left to do that. Basketball season is going to be fun and everybody’s excited, but a couple of losses shouldn’t take you out of the football season completely.

2. Pitt is Better than Syracuse… at Everything???

Alright, to be fair to Nickolas, you can’t really argue with the football part of this equation. After the loss on Saturday, SU is 3-14 against the Panthers since 2002 and has lost by double digits 10 times in that stretch. Simply put, Pitt has been better than Syracuse at football for a while now. However, saying that the Panthers are better in hoops may be a bit of a stretch. If we’re going strictly off recency bias, SU beat Pitt twice last year and made a trip to the Sweet 16 while the Panthers didn’t win a single ACC game and went 8-24. That is just absolutely abysmal. And even though when you look further past last year, the Panthers have beaten up on the Orange a bit, there’s still a lot of evidence that the Orange program as a whole is much better. Syracuse has gone to six Final Fours, Pitt has gone to one. SU has had 73 NBA draft picks, Pitt has had 27. Also, in case you forgot, the Orange have won a national title, the Panthers haven’t. Saying Pitt is better than SU in hoops is a joke. Also, Tyler Ennis.

3. Syracuse Football is Bad in October

I’m not quite sure what October tradition Tony is talking about here. I think he’s trying to insinuate that Syracuse plays poorly in the month, but that’s just not the case. If you think back to the last two seasons, what are the two wins that SU fans have been the most excited for? The answer to that question is obviously the upsets over Virginia Tech and Clemson. And guess what month both of those huge wins happened in? That’s right, they were both in October. Even outside of those wins, October has been an incredibly friendly month to the Orange in the Dino Babers era. Syracuse is 4-3 in the year’s tenth month since Dino took over the program for the 2016 season. That makes up half of the program’s wins in that stretch. 0-For-October simply isn’t a thing. This take was actually mind-boggling.

4. SU hasn’t Improved Under Dino Babers

This is just ridiculous. SU has received more national attention and exposure in the last three years than they did in the previous ten years before that. Dino Babers has made Orange fans excited for the future in his tenure as the head man. Even if the results haven’t been there quite yet on a season-long scale, Dino has reenergized this fan base to a point that Scott Shafer and Greg Robinson could only dream of doing. The quality of recruits has gone up exponentially (I mean, this program probably couldn’t have even sniffed a guy like Tommy DeVito if it wasn’t for Dino Babers). All of that and we haven’t even talked about the win over Clemson and just how special and momentous that was for the program as a whole. That is the best win for Syracuse since the 80s and probably ranks in the top 5 all-time. All of that is thanks, in large, part to Dino Babers.

5. SU Football Has Bad Uniforms

Are SU’s uniforms the best in the country. No, that’s for sure. However, they certainly aren’t the worst. Have people really forgotten about some of the awful colorways Oregon has put out over the last few years. Or what about those disgusting all-mustard yellow uniforms that Michigan wore against Florida last year. Perhaps the worst that have come out in recent memory have been from Notre Dame. The Irish’s normal uniforms are some of the cleanest and most traditional in the entire country, but the unis they’ve thrown out for Shamrock Series games are just appalling. I mean, just look at these ones from 2016, or the terrible helmets from 2012. And worst of all are this year’s uniforms the Irish will wear against SU. Pitiful, absolutely pitiful. When uniforms like that exist out there, you can’t call Syracuse’s the worst in the country.

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