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Three Times National Media Looked Silly Discussing SU

Here at Orange Fizz, we like to dig deep. If you’d like to know, for example, which Dino Babers outfits lead to the most success, we have you covered. National media can’t do that. It needs to keep track of other schools, other conferences and in some cases professional sports. So it’s no surprise that when Syracuse demands the national spotlight, media personalities can sound uninformed. Here are three times it was borderline embarrassing.

Mike Francesa Thinks Dino Babers Is A Made Up Player

Last week, a caller on the legendary afternoon show on WFAN in New York wanted to know if Francesa had formed an opinion on the Orange head football coach. Francesa, who’s infamous for being short with callers, suspected it was another prank.


But wait, there’s more. Apparently Francesa couldn’t hear the caller.


I’m not buying it. Especially because he mentioned Babers’ time at Bowling Green. That’s exactly what someone who just jumped off Wikipedia would say. Also, the caller’s connection was crystal clear over the air. Not a good look for the sports pope.

Stephen A. Smith and Tim Tebow Make Comedy of Errors

There is so much wrong with this one minute of airtime, I’m going to have to make a list.

  • The University of Syracuse does not exist, Stephen A.
  • Neither do the Orangemen.
  • Tebow said he likes the way Syracuse plays together. As evidence, he references their speeches before and after the game. Because those two things obviously go hand-in-hand.
  • Tebow might not be any better than Francesa. He talks about Dino Babers’ viral locker room speeches. But then refers to him as, “their coach.”
  • Tebow throws in a Donavan McNabb reference: the only name associated with the Orange he uttered in his entire analysis. He clearly didn’t know anything about this SU football team.

Joe Lunardi Can’t Predict Syracuse Basketball

I feel bad about this one. Braketology is insanely difficult to do, and Lunardi does a nice job… except when it comes to picking Syracuse.

2007: Syracuse (16-6, 9-9 ACC) incorrectly picked by Lunardi to make tournament.

2016: Syracuse (23-14, 9-9 ACC) incorrectly picked by Lunardi to miss tournament.

2017: Syracuse (19-15, 10-8 ACC) incorrectly picked by Lunardi to make tournament.

2018: Syracuse (23-14, 8-10 ACC) incorrectly picked by Lunardi to miss tournament.

It’s become comical at this point, and to Lunardi’s credit he’s had a great sense of humor about it.

You’ll get em’ next time, Lunardi.

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