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Two New Bowls Possible for Syracuse, other ACC teams

After last year’s ten-win season, returning to a bowl game is a more-than-reasonable expectation for Syracuse football. In fact, many (including myself) expect the Orange to compete in the Orange Bowl this winter. We won’t know if that projection is actually going to pan out until December. However, we now know the other potential postseason destinations for the Orange if they reach six or more wins for the second straight season.

The ACC recently added two new bowls to its 2019-20 slate of games: The San Diego County Credit Union Holliday Bowl and a yet-to-be-sponsored bowl that will be played at Fenway Park in Boston. Not bad, huh? The ACC now has 10 guaranteed bowl births for the next five years.

Just for fun, let’s rank the top five destinations for the Orange.

First things first: we all know Bowl games are about the destinations, not the “prestige” assigned by the selections process. Disagree? Well, have fun traveling to El Paso while I’m in Tampa.

Secondly: Budgets were not considered during the making of this article.

1. Orange Bowl

One of the bowls where prestige and location line up nicely. This would be huge for the Orange and the nights leading up to the game wouldn’t be bad either. This is the best case scenario, hands down.

2. Music City Bowl (Nashville, TN)

This one pops off the page for me. I’ve never been to the Music City and it’s safe to say I’d like that to change. If you haven’t been, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind a trip there either.

3. San Diego bowl with a long name

How fun would a mid-winter trip to San Diego be? What better way to celebrate the best time of year than with a trip to America’s left coast. Great beaches, weather and pretty much everything else.

4. TaxSlayer Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, FL)

Much like California, who wouldn’t want to go to Florida in the winter time. Jacksonville is a great place, at least it looks that way from my car window on I-95. Safe to say I wouldn’t mind actually stopping there for once.

5. Fenway Park

One of the coolest sports venues in America. The combination of the iconic city of Boston and this bowl being new in 2020 makes it a great destination for any team.

Pretty awesome that making a bowl game has become the expectation for this program in such a short amount of time. Here’s to avoiding the Pinstripe Bowl in 2020.

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