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5 Bold Syracuse Football Predictions

1 Trishton Jackson Surpasses 1200 Yards

All the buzz around camp is Jackson is as advertised or even better. There is usually a go to guy in the Dino offense at wide receiver. Etta-Tawo had over 1400 yards in year one, Ishmael racked up 1300+ in year two and Custis, to a much lesser extent, was kind of that guy last year with roughly 900 yards on the season. Even with more competition, expect Jackson to separate himself from the pack this year.  

2. Clemson Goes Down To The Final Play 

I know there is a case to be made that the Tigers have learned their lesson and will treat Syracuse with the utmost respect, which is true. However, a packed Dome is the ultimate equalizer. That place is going to be flat out buzzing and I can’t see a world where there is a blowout against that environment, even if they are the “best team ever.” 

3. Andre Szmyt Gets Off To Shaky Start 

Last season was likely a blur for Szmyt. He went from completely unknown during the start of game one to the undisputed best kicker in the country. He didn’t even have time to think about what was going on. Now he’s spent a whole offseason being labeled the best in the country and has had more time to think about the expectations. I’m not at all saying he struggles the entire year. He is still going to be really good. I wouldn’t be surprised if he missed a couple kicks early though. 

4. Mikel Jones Starts By Week 4 

Every year it seems like a freshman breaks out on defense. Last year Syracuse had a couple, most notably of course was Cisco. Now, Jones isn’t going to be an All-American (at least I don’t think so). But, he’s the most likely candidate to be that freshman this year. We already know he is going to get playing time and the linebacker group has room for a playmaking freshman unlike essentially every other group on the roster. 

5. Syracuse Loses To Maryland 

It’s hardly even news to call Maryland a trap game for Syracuse at this point and based on what Kendall Coleman said at ACC Kickoff, I doubt the players overlook the Terps. That being said, it’s Tommy DeVito’s second start ever and it’s on the road. It will also be the first real test for the influx offensive line and new starters at linebacker. Maryland really isn’t even that good. It’s not that. It just feels like Syracuse will be upset once this year and early in the season makes the most sense.

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