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Pitt Beats Syracuse 27-20, When Does Hoops Start?

It‚Äôs time to officially give up on this team. They are arguably the most disappointing team in college football this season (relative to expectations) and have arguably the worst offensive line in the country. 

You can talk all you want about the play calling. About who Dino should start next week (assuming DeVito is even healthy for FSU). But, the fact of the matter is they aren‚Äôt going to win games until the offensive line gets drastically better. 

They finished with 8 sacks allowed again Friday. Statistically they are the worst offensive line in the nation. It was the question mark coming into the season and it’s been about as bad as possible. The false starts are egregious. Ryan Alexander, who came in with some pedigree and hype, can‚Äôt block anyone and the other tackle, Carlos Vetterello, has looked like, well, an inexperienced freshman.¬†

After the game, Babers said “everyone’s job is in jeopardy.”

Sure, the injuries haven’t helped Syracuse, especially the Heckel one. The on-field product is still just inexcusable.

I mean they have an offensive minded coach, talent on offense and simply can‚Äôt move the ball. It‚Äôs just mentally exhausting to watch them try to generate positive plays on offense. 

You know if the dreaded Greg name is being mentioned in the comments we’ve hit a low point.

The second half they actually moved the ball some with Welch under center, but that was basically all due to the fact the Pittsburgh defense kept bailing them out with pass interference calls. And I commend Clayton Welch for the way he played. But, let’s face it: they aren’t going to win many games if he keeps passing like that. Now teams have tape on him.

It’s not crazy to think this team may not win an ACC game this season, which is saying something considering the state of the league. Bowl game feels like a far-cry at this point. They are favored in maybe one game the rest of the season and that’s BC at home. 

“The first word that comes to mind is frustration,” defensive end Kendall Coleman said. “We know we have a lot of talent.”

It turns out FanDuel may have been right after all with their season win total over/under and the demoralizing thing is the defense is actually playing really solid. But it doesn‚Äôt matter because of the offensive line. 

On the bright side, I guess Dino isn’t going to Florida State. That’s really all I got sorry.

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