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How to Feel Super Syracuse Festive this Year

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit this year and there’s no bowl game to travel to, there are plenty of ways you can still feel super festive as a Syracuse super fan. We know the end of the football season and a rocky start to hoops means it could be a difficult winter. But here are just a few of the many great ways you can get enjoy the magic of the holidays, even if you aren‚Äôt a kid anymore (or dressed up as the Dome Ranger).

  1. Go See a Christmas Musical

Broadway and local theaters always have plenty of great, festive shows on for Christmas time. Look for plays that focus on the Spread Offense, the 2-3 Zone, or surviving the Bubble Watch. Finding tickets for festive shows in your location is easy with sites like, so you can search for tickets to see the best holiday musicals like White Christmas, Orange Christmas, McNabb the Red-Nosed Reindeer and more!

2. Put Up Lots of Decorations

This one should be on everyone‚Äôs to-do list; decorating the home for the holiday season is a great way to feel festive. Look through your closet for old SU jerseys and hang them in the windows to make sure carolers know to stop at your house. Any #44 should get you preferential treatment. Also, Ottos can make for perfect ornaments on the tree no matter how large (even if the stitching is coming apart). Purchase decorations or make your own, and don‚Äôt forget the LED lights for the added sparkle on Otto’s nose!

3. Play Christmas Music

Nothing adds atmosphere like music does, so purchase a festive album or find one on your favorite music streaming app and enjoy the great jolly melodies that the holidays have to offer. Highlights of Matt Park’s call of SU’s Final Four runs of 2018 football season can put you in the festive mood. Open the YouTube app and search “Syracuse Greatest Moments,” then connect it through your smart speakers. You’ll be cheery in no time!

4. DIY Gifts

Christmas brings the gift of giving, and while receiving and opening presents is great fun, it feels even more special to give a gift. Photocopy your 1999 Orange Bowl tickets and give them out at the office. Take out that 2003 basketball program and make miniature versions on Photoshop for the kids. Make Carmelo’s headband and give it to every Mall Santa you see. Going that extra mile, making some DIY gift making and giving an extra personal, handmade gift to your loved ones works great. If that‚Äôs too scary, spend extra time with your gift wrapping instead and try making your own gift-wrap out of those old Post-Standards from 2007 you have stored in the garage for no reason.

5. Bake Christmas Cookies

To fill your home with festive scents, get your hands dirty in the kitchen. Tailgating season is over, but baking Christmas cookies is a great way to make your home smell like Christmas, and taste like Christmas too! Find scents that remind you of the Dome, like white hots, stale beer, and peanut shells. Baked goods also make lovely gifts for friends and family assuming the cupcakes aren’t Liberty or Western Michigan.

6. Go to a Christmas Market

If you want to step into a festive-filled environment, taking a trip to your nearest Christmas market is sure to bring you some joy. Avoid anyone with a UConn hoodie or Clemson hat. Those are dead giveaways of people that will bring you down this holiday season. A Trevor Lawrence jersey will also earmark that person as a bandwagon fan. Markets are a great place to find artisan goods and delicious, mouth-watering foods to stress eat during the ACC season! 

7. Wear Christmas Sweaters

If you are lucky to get snow and sparkling ice, you will need to layer up to avoid the chills. Syracuse is guaranteed for a few big snowstorms, so turn it into a positive. Bright colors like green and red will make sure you are found if stuck in a Nor’easter. Snow looks pretty on Christmas cards, but it also makes everything cold and wet. For a festive layer of warmth, wear your favorite Christmas sweater or 1988 Sugar Bowl t-shirt and spread some cheer.

8. Volunteer

This season of giving, give a little to the people who need it most. Mostly, Syracuse fans are those needy people. Turn to a fellow Orange fan and volunteer to spread joy. Unless it’s a 5-star recruit that chose Louisville, it should warm the heart and you can feel good knowing you are making a difference. There are plenty of great places to volunteer, where you can make a difference, so explore your local community and find out where you can help. That may be on Twitter with high school stars including flashy point guards and speedy wideouts. Be kind, and make sure they feel the love. Send nice GIFs.

9. Watch Christmas Movies

Nothing beats getting under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and watching your favorite Christmas flicks. It sure beats the NC State football game or the basketball loss to UVA. Share your favorite movies with your kids and enjoy the coziness of being snuggled up together. That might include the reel of Dino Babers’ locker room speeches or SU lax Final Four highlights. You should also light your fire if you have one! If you can light a fire, find the Syracuse quarterback room and do it again!

There are plenty more great ways you can enjoy the holiday festivities, but hopefully these get you started and into the spirit of things. Spend lots of time with your friends and family and you will soon feel the joy and warmth of the holidays. You’ll need it with three more months of living on the bubble of Bracketology!

The Fizz is owned, edited and operated by Damon Amendolara. D.A. is an ’01 Syracuse graduate from the Newhouse School with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.


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