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Strategies on College Football Betting this Bowl Season

No, Syracuse isn’t playing in the postseason, but with legalized gambling spreading quickly throughout the country at least there’s reason to stay interested. There’s been a boom in sports gambling programming, from TV shows, radio networks, and digital content. Feel out of the loop? Want to take advantage of all this information? Here’s the basics of college football betting. It’s never easy to beat the professionals and win in sports betting. But this guide should help you get to have at least 50% of the cash. 


When you take the Moneyline, it means that you want to bet on the winning team. This is regardless of their margin of victory. SU was a 4-point underdog to Wake Forest this weekend, but you could have bet on the Demon Deacons just to win by any margin. Underdogs have a chance to get plus-odds on the Moneyline, so having thrown money on Syracuse would have really had a good return. Meanwhile, the favorite teams will have negative odds. For example, if one team is heavily favored by fans, they will be listed as “Alabama (-2300).” This means that each successful bet on the Crimson Tide will now pay out $10. Check the fresh casinos online to know more about Moneyline. 

Point Spread 

Unlike the Moneyline, the Point Spread accounts for the expected margin of victory. Take that Wake Forest/Syracuse game. If the Deacons were favored by 4 but only won by 3 a bet on Syracuse (+4) would be a winner. In the NFL, the fans’ favorites are 13 to 16 points. This means that a bet which is close to -110 odds will be successful whenever the favorite wins by 16-plus. This spread can be bigger in college. 

When playing Rutgers, Ohio State might be favored by 40 points or more. This can change the game in terms of taking the favorites in the hopes of having a one-sided affair. Picking the Buckeyes to win a game over a terrible team isn’t interesting, but seeing if they can do it by 40 points is.

Point Total 

Because these point spreads are set at a specifically researched number, gamblers may now bet on the overall total points of the game. The total is presented with equal odds proposition of taking the Under or Over. There are sites that offer the opportunity to bet on the expected point total of one team. 

Proposition Bets 

Indeed, there is an extensive number of proposition bets (“prop bets”) where gamblers wager on the individual player’s performance. This could include the specific margin of victory or the type of score which will open a game. Such options are expansive in bowl games and prime time. Gamblers can select to combine various propositions in a game or multiple bets on different games. This kind of wager is an all-or-nothing proposition. It only pays out if all bets are successful. The more bets which are added to a Parlay, the greater the potential payout will be. 


A teaser is a form of Parlay at fresh casinos online which involves a combination of two to ten wagers. You can have an option to adjust the point spread or total to your specifications. Indeed, these bets are more likely to succeed. However, the payouts in the teaser are smaller than in a Parlay. Indeed, college football betting has more teams than the national football league. For beginners, they can get confused in the process. But make sure that you do your research first before betting on your favorite teams. Either way, even with the Orange sidelines until next fall, there’s a few ways to stay involved in college football.

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