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Here’s Why You Should Play College Football!

College football’s power structure has been under fire for years. Critics have railed against the an economy that is built on free labor. Players have begun to seize some of their own control. Stars have decided to sit out bowl games. Players redshirt and enter transfer portals if they don’t like their situations. But we’re here to tell you there’s plenty of reasons to play college football. Are you a 5-star recruit and wondering if this sport is for you?! Are you a walk-on thinking about going out for the team?! Are you just a fan and dreaming of throwing the game-winning touchdown in the Rose Bowl?! Don’t let the politics of college football dash your spirit!

Instead of getting idle, hit that field intending to attract various benefits for your team. Here are some of the reasons you should participate in college football. 


Like money? Most football teams not only play for fun but (some rare instances) also to gain profit. However, some small and less successful programs may not bring in much revenue like other programs. Patience and practice from football tips seen in sites like alternatif joker123 (yes, that’s a real site!) can contribute to great success. Football in college is among the top sports that generate money, unlike others like women’s tennis or wrestling.


Looking for respect? Any successful football program is usually well-known all over the country (sometimes for scandals and coaches being fired). This leads to a considerable number of new enrollments during football seasons. Based on the school academic program, not all students are accepted to the football team since academic reputation is also crucial (except for the Big 12 and SEC).  

College Improvement

Do it for the nerds! Thriving football programs make it easier for the board of trustees to contribute cash for the campus and other areas. This may include building a new athletic facility on the campus. Also, raised money can be used to create more classrooms and purchase high-quality lab equipment. The contributions can even secure multi-million dollar projects like student union buildings.

Safety in the future

Worried about concussions? College football at the elite level has new safety precautions that improve every year to make it a better game. But a limp or a bum shoulder might be worth it for a life of making personal appearances for fundraising during, and after your careers. Concussions are not worth it, however. Never.


Need friends? Joining a college football team is an excellent way of bonding. Understanding each other’s character helps in solving problems encountered in the group and how to improve on them. The friendship built in the football team can even go beyond the college level to the corporate world. Sometimes you’ll even like your coach.

More playing time 

Need exercise? Every year there’s more teams added to the bowl season. It’s a good way to stretch your legs during the holidays. An established college may require first-year students to work their way up by practicing more. This is why new programs offer you a chance to earn your spot on the team (or Les Miles as your coach). Also, playing time should be an essential factor in your college team if you want to gain more experience. 


There is no doubt that football is a prestigious sport worldwide (but not as much as soccer… or cricket). It offers numerous benefits like the ones mentioned above. This is why academic places like colleges have decided to include football in their schedule to help students bond and bring in revenue. Also, internet sites like alternatif joker123 (yep!) have made it possible for students to enjoy watching the games and still complete their assignments on time. 

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