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How To Still Enjoy Syracuse March Madness This Weekend

The NCAA Tournament is canceled, so what are we to do? College basketball fans have had the rug pulled out from under them, but there’s still ways to enjoy the sport. Syracuse fans have been privy to plenty of great games and classic wins. We’ll lay out for you the ways you can still have some fun this March even without the Madness.

Get yourself set up.

If this were the real thing you’d have a comfortable spot on the couch. You’d have your legs kicked up, the remote handy, and a cold drink by your side. Grab the cooler from the basement and fill it with ice. Throw in your favorite 6-pack. Make sure you sound is up full. And see if your smart TV or cable provider can broadcast YouTube or has the YouTube app. If not, perhaps get yourself a Google Chrome or Firestick. These devices allow you to send YouTube to your big screen.

Get some action.

One of the best parts of the tourney is the NCAA basketball betting. Even without live games you can still have something on it. One way is to begin the game and watch with a friend. Before the tip put your phones down, and put some scratch on things like which player scores first, the halftime line, and over/under points by a certain mark in the game. You know the outcome of the game, and maybe even the final score. But you likely forget specifics like those. These prop bets are great ways to get some action when the games come back next season as well.

Pick the best.

Syracuse has been involved in a number of fantastic games over the years. Make sure you’re locked into the best ones. They’re almost all on YouTube. Start with the run to the ’03 national championship.

Here’s the final against Kansas when SU cuts down the nets.

You can also watch the Final Four against Texas.

Or the Round of 32 win over Oklahoma State.

In 2016 SU took out the top-seeded UVA in the Elite 8.

Go really old-school and check out the SU win over Providence in the ’87 Final Four.

Try to think positive.

Hopefully this football season won’t be affected. Hopefully the country is back to normal soon enough. The warm weather is coming, and the spring is already here. In the meantime, enjoy watching games you know the outcome of. You won’t have to stress or get angry!

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