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Quarantine got you bored? Here’s Easy Ways of Becoming a Professional Football Player

Look, this lock down is difficult on everyone. There’s many of us who are watching our friends on social media perfect classical era cello, or building a new wing on their house out of used cardboard boxes and orange peels. But have you thought about training for a new career with this free time? Like Lombardi once said: “You can always push yourself more than you’ve ever done.” Actually, that may have been Rick Moranis in the Little Giants. Either way, the human mind and body are capable of extraordinary feats, and sports offer us a way to channel our personal growth into something tangible and positive. The Fizz is here to give you the Zen teachings of becoming a professional athlete:

Be physically fit and strong 

You should be able to run for 90 minutes. Not like, “I ran to the car because it was so cold when I came out of Target.” You have to: Start and stop, run, sprint, jog. The speed of the game is always changing. Unless you are a soccer goalkeeper, you have to be able to keep up with the running, which requires a different kind of fitness. For strength, it is crucial to compete athletically with players so you can hold your own. Can you defeat the guy at the end of the bar in an arm-wrestling competition if you need to defend your honor? You don’t have to be all muscles, though, and core strength is critical. 

Improve on your SAQ

SAQ is (Speed, Agility, and Quickness). The three things are so fundamental in most sports. How quickly can you get up from a sitting position on the couch after watching “The Last Dance” and hustle upstairs to close the windows when it’s raining? Whether it’s running to the back post for a cross to score a header, chasing down someone on a breakaway, or passing through defenders to score, what can help you to succeed in these actions are; speed, agility, and quickness. See, this isn’t that hard!

Watching sports

You can do this! This can take your game to new levels. Watching a player in your position will benefit you. You will then know what to do either offensively or defensively. If you were playing video games, you probably know the players and teams. Even when placing a bet with Euromillions, you need to know the players and team strength for you to be able to predict the games correctly, and this is one of the secrets of winning euro jackpot. Involving yourself in the sport in any way is the best way to become the best player you can be. So hours of watching television or games on your phone now have a career benefit!

Practice on your own to improve your footwork

The only way to improve your technique is to practice. Look for any way you can to get touches, like slamming on your NERF hoop or practicing end zone spikes in the backyard. You can choose to go Beast Mode Soccer and juggle a tennis ball. You can carry a football with you to the kitchen and have your kids play JJ Watt and try to knock it out. You can use a wall to hit the ball against, or just imagine yourself as Tiger Woods putting in your Cheetos-induced nap.


When playing FIFA on euro jackpot, you have to make decisions for players. This will help improve your tactical game. When playing Madden, you call the plays. Even NBA 2K, you design the offense. You are now Popovich and Belichick rolled into one, with a pinch of Tony LaRussa for good measure Playing video games will assist you in improving your decision-making and even learning about the players and the teams. I told you before, you got this! A site like the EuroMillions offers platforms for playing. Check our partner:

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