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The Fizz Predicts New Names For The Dome

In an announcement from Syracuse Athletics this week, the structure that has been known as the Carrier Dome for decades was called “The Stadium,” yet in a Zoom press conference Athletic Director John Wildhack said it was still the Carrier Dome. There has been a not-so-secret battle between Syracuse University and Carrier Global, who bought the naming rights when the structure was first built, for a year now. Syracuse Athletics wiped all of the references of Carrier from last season’s football media guide and other publications and is now referring to it as The Stadium, yet the brass letters on the side of the structure still spell out “Carrier” and Wildhack’s comments only add more confusion. So who knows what is going on there.

The bubble roof of the structure was taken down a few months ago and supporting beams are now replacing it. The change is a part of a large upgrade, which includes a large, hanging scoreboard, air conditioning, better concessions, and other improvements. That is all great, but here’s the thing, it’s not a dome anymore. It is a stadium.

Disappointed? Confused? Both? You’re not alone. We here at the Fizz hate “The Stadium” and think it is just a placeholder until they announce the real name. So in the meantime, we came up with our own predictions on what the future name could be. Here they are:


Alright so here’s the thingРI am on the side of it will always be The Dome, but that isn’t going to happen for two reasons. One, the fact that Syracuse Athletics released an announcement that blatantly called it The Stadium means they are done with The Dome. Two, it isn’t considered a dome anymore so you just can’t call it that. So, if I have to pick something else I would go with The Juice Box because that is just way too good to pass up. However, Syracuse is not going to pick a new name without a naming sponsor. It would be stupid if they didn’t find a sponsor and take their money. Then the conversation turns to, what company is big enough, is well-known, and fits the name. The obvious answer to that is Wegmans. It is one of the largest Central New York employers, is big enough to pay, and fits perfectly with the food reference of “Juice Box.” I think this is a no brainer. I can’t wait to watch games in the Wegmans Juice Box for decades to come!


So since this now unnamed building is the largest in college basketball, and Jim Boeheim has been at Syracuse longer than The Dome itself, it only makes sense to rename it after the legendary coach. For years, Boeheim’s Behemoth has been a daunting place to play for opponents. Not only are teams traveling up to the snowy conditions of Syracuse, but they are probably playing in front of more fans than they ever have before. And of course, who can deal with the depth perception issues! SU has benefitted from this large, looming presence since 1980, standing its ground as a battlefield in the Syracuse skyline. Visitors must prepare for deafening noise reverberating around the stadium, as the behemoth itself surrounds its prey. Since 1980, this stadium has served as a weapon for SU to attack any daring opponent. As for complaints from the football team/fans about naming the stadium after a basketball coach – step up your game, then we’ll talk.


Since the SU administration can’t seem to sort out the name, I’m scrapping the whole dome/stadium thing altogether. If anyone has seen mockups of the new roof, it has what looks like a bunch of little bubbles in the middle. I’m not exactly sure why, but they’re there. I’m also not sure how the Syracuse basketball team seems to end up on the NCAA tournament bubble every single year (they can be on the bubble and in it at the same time). If you think about it, the name is a lot cooler than at first glance. No stadium has ever been named a bubble. Bubbles have a certain pressure, just like the nameless concrete structure next to the SU quad. Coach Dino Babers can use it as another one of his marketing tools and I’m sure the graphics department can pump out some cool bubble related designs to pitch to recruits. And if any dish soap company is reading this and thinks it’s a good idea, you can email my people.

P.S. – Nothing the SU administration conjures up can be worse than the K.F.C. Yum! Center in Louisville


Phasing “the Dome” out is a joke, so it’s only fitting that the replacement name be laughable as well. Maybe it’s not a legitimate suggestion like others in this piece, but hear me out. Otterbox is known for its protective phone cases, ones that can withstand harsh conditions. So, Otterbox is the perfect sponsor for a venue in the Central New York tundra. The Dome field advantage has always protected the Orange nicely, just like Otterbox with your expensive phone. SU was a perfect 6-0 at home just two years ago. It’s also about time the University embraced Otto. The anthropomorphism of the color orange was ranked the ACC’s best mascot last year. He is a good compromise between football, basketball and lacrosse. All three of the sports have such a rich history in the Dome. Football and basketball especially have cases for the naming rights, but Otto is the common denominator in Syracuse athletics. 

Matt Bonaparte: “CALIOS COLISEUM

If you’re at all acquainted with student life at Syracuse or you were once a student yourself you’ll know just how important a little restaurant on Marshall Street was to so many people. Sadly, like all other good things in life, Calios came to an end. According to, following an acquisition Calios will be going through a rebranding. It’s important to remember the incredible impact Calios had on so many people, and the best way to remember it is to rename the Dome to the “Calios Coliseum.” 


It is outrageously obvious that the building should still be classified as a dome. Yes, it will no longer be a pressurized facility with a bubble roof. Who cares? Anyone who makes a big deal out of that are the same people who correct you when you tell them “goodnight” at 1:00 AM. 

On the other hand, I’m glad Syracuse Athletics is going out to collect some naming rights money. Whoever signed the lifetime deal with Carrier for 2.75 million deserves an exhibit at the Whitman School of Management for making the worst business deal of all-time. Pathetic. 

So I think we should get a sponsor for our dome. Give me Tostitos. Dome Nachos have become a real hit among the people. Here they are in all their glory.

The only thing as irresistible as those nachos to a drunk Central New York fan is Frito-Lay money to AD John Wildhack. Plus, we already know Tostitos like their football, as the perennial sponsor for the Fiesta Bowl. Make it happen.

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