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NC State vs. Syracuse: Crystal Ball Predictions

Brad (9-0): NC State 38, Syracuse 13

The story of the season for Syracuse has been the offense leaving the defense out to dry. Tony White’s 3-3-5 system has seen more snaps than any other team in the ACC this season (80.5 per game). The ACC defense with the second most reps this year is, you guessed it, NC State with 77 per game. But don’t expect that trend to continue. After all, the Orange are coming off their first shutout against an unranked opponent since 2013. It is unclear whether JaCobian Morgan will be healthy enough to start at Quarterback. Even if he is, Babers has no reason to play the freshman after last week’s 40-yard embarrassment. This should be a landslide win for the Pack.

Ian (8-1): NC State 28, Syracuse 6

I’m about ready to be done with SU football. While NC State is starting a backup quarterback, they have more offensive talent than the Orange can handle. Speaking of starting quarterbacks, let’s spin the wheel this week and pick Syracuse’s starter! My bet’s on Dillon Markiewicz throwing nothing but quick slants for 3 quarters before Rex Culpepper relieves him in the fourth. Ouch.

Matt (8-1): NC State 35, Syracuse 6

Coming off a goose egg against the Cardinals, and with most of the these guy’s heads out of it deep into the season, there’s very little chance for an SU victory. Not to mention, NC State is actually a really solid team. The Wolfpack aren’t world-beaters but they are 6-3 and have put up solid fights against good teams, namely a three point loss to Miami. They will trounce the Orange.

John (7-2): NC State 34, Syracuse 6

Not expecting anything crazy to happen here, especially considering JaCobian Morgan won’t be playing in this game. According to Stephen Bailey at, Dino Babers is prepared to start true freshman Dillon Markiewicz under center. I’m excited to see what he can do, if anything but there’s probably a reason Morgan got the nod before he did. All due respect to Rex Culpepper, I’ve seen enough of him as the SU signal caller. I expect Sean Tucker to carry the offense to a whopping six points off of two field goals. The Wolfpack’s one-two punch of Zonovan Knight and Ricky Person Jr. will be too much for this SU defense. Toss is a solid quarterback in Bailey Hockman and four receivers averaging 13 yards per catch… book it.

Harrison (7-2): NC State 31, Syracuse 13

NC State comes in with a respectable 6-3 record with victories in back-to-back contests. The Wolfpack’s latest win came last week against No. 21 Liberty, who beat the Orange by three possessions, just over a month ago. Syracuse still hasn’t won a game since that Oct. 17 loss to the Flames, yet somehow, it gets even worse. The Orange’s offense put up 21 points in that contest, which is also the most it has scored since. Yes… SU tallied 21 points (as a team) at Clemson, but one of its touchdowns was a Garrett Williams pick six. Freshman JaCobian Morgan has been getting his feet wet, starting the last two games for Syracuse – to the tune of only 13 points scored, on aggregate. Fresh off being shut out at Louisville, returning home this week may help a bit, for SU, but enough to take down NC State? … I wouldn’t be too confident. Let it be known that the Wolfpack has played significantly better at home this season than it has on the road. NC State is 4-1 in Raleigh and 2-2 when playing anywhere else. They’ve also never scored 30 points in an away game this season. However, that can all very well change on Saturday, but regardless, I think the Wolfpack improve to 3-2 on the road (and 7-3 overall) this season with a win at The Dome.

Jaron (6-3): NC State 38, Syracuse 17

I tried. I really did. I tried to believe in Syracuse last week and boy was that a mistake. So, I’m done believing. I probably should have had this realization a while ago, but something inside of me believed in JaCobian Morgan for a split second. This weekend NC State rolls into town and don’t get me wrong, the Wolfpack aren’t that great, but they are going to have their way with Syracuse. The combination of Zonovan Knight and Ricky Person is going to run all over the Orange defense. As for the SU offense, it just can’t do anything right. You could put the best defense in the country or the worst in front of the Orange and they still wouldn’t be able to score. Give me NC State with the W in dominant fashion.

Thomas (6-3): NC State 34, Syracuse 10

There’s not much hopefulness after a 30-0 shellacking to a mediocre Louisville team. Syracuse will lose this game, then lose its last one against Notre Dame. Against the Cardinals, SU threw for just 45 yards. Meanwhile Sean Tucker’s 93 rushing yards accounted for over 67% of Syracuse’s offense. The defense was once again fine, but it’s difficult to stop offenses when on the field for almost 42 minutes. We all know this is a development year, but development implies players are able to stay on the field. True freshman quarterback JaCobian Morgan had to leave Friday’s game after hitting his head on a sack and fumble. At this point, head coach Dino Babers just needs to ensure his players can walk away from the season unscathed from future injury. That’s the only viable win left for Syracuse.

Gill (5-4): NC State 34, Syracuse 14

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