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Campus Life: Avoiding the Quarantine 15 and Staying on Your Grind in ’21

Being healthy and fit is desirable in college. It’ll help you dash from Chipotle and back to the dorms without collapsing. It’s mandatory for avoiding snoring in your Zoom class. You’ll need to be able to dig out of the snow drift near the Mount’s steps. Yet, a healthy lifestyle is elusive, unpopular and boring, plus difficult to stick to. It‚Äôs far more appealing to go partying, eat junk food with friends, and not study at all. Essentially the focus of the next Van Wilder film.

It’s vital to understand such a lifestyle could end up in poor academic performance and chronic illnesses. So, with a new year here you should review what benefits come with having a healthy routine and changing your life for better with ease.¬†

Stay Focused

In college it is vital to stay focused throughout the day. You need to be able to transition to multiple learning disciplines, acquire loads of new info, apply your practical skills, and so on. Plus that hike across the quad takes some attention.

This is only possible if you sleep well, eat enough, get fresh air walks, and interchange your mental and physical activity. Try to avoid watching SU football highlights from this season.

Mind that effective scheduling along with healthy habits will enable you to keep the focus on important issues.

Perform Well

Staying energized and enthusiastic is always a valuable commodity. Academic load, social activities, routine issues, all can be overwhelming and keep tension through the day, week or month. If you have a poor physical and psychological state, you won’t have any power to cover the challenges you face. 

On the contrary, planning your day and workload well, managing your homework wisely with college essay writing service, exercising regularly, eating and sleeping well will allow you to perform in any sphere of your life. 

Avoid Seasonal Illnesses and Other Health Issues

Seasonal illnesses are serious interruptions to your life pace. When you stick to an unhealthy lifestyle your immune system becomes weaker and more vulnerable to illnesses, freezing temperatures, unsteady weather. Sound like Syracuse? Moreover, chronic problems are results of skipped sleep and meals, junk snacks, and overnight study.

When you keep everything in order including your study schedule, meal plan, and sound sleep, your body and mind are strong and protected. You become illness-resistant and can implement your plans and dreams with no hurdles. 

Keep Fit

Studying and sitting a lot, eating and sleeping poorly, will bring to digestion and weigh disorders. You may have not enough time to care about your physique. Yet, it is not only about feeling attractive but feeling healthy as a primary concern. If you have a stomachache, obesity, heavy breathing, you will not have any strength to operate your daily processes. Watch out after Acropolis for the 9th straight day.

On the other hand, if you have at least ten minutes running a day or an hour of walking in the fresh air, a work out session with friends twice a week, or a sports club, your physical health will improve greatly. Regular physical activity will help you to look and feel good and have power to perform well. 

Socialize Easily

College routine includes a lot of socializing with your peers (except for when no one is allowed in the Dome). This includes many temptations which influence poor studying. Staying out overnight, alcohol and drugs, skipping classes and postponing assignments may result in poor performance.

Combine pleasant and useful things in your social activities. Spend time outdoors with your friends, play sports together, plan entertainment. You won’t have any bad habits, health issues, study problems. And vice versa if you have a healthy lifestyle you will never choose entertainment which will have a negative impact on your health. 

Get Inspired

Mental and psychological wellness is as important as a physical one. And if you manage to stay mentally and psychologically healthy, you will be able to stay inspired and enthusiastic, resist stress and emotional unsteadiness, keep your emotions under control. These things are vital more if you interact with many people daily and have a lot of tasks to complete.

Meditate, practice breathing techniques, have ten minutes a day for yourself over a cup of coffee or book, and you will be strong enough to cover any challenges and solve all the issues you will face. 

Health is the most significant thing you should be concerned about. If you manage to care about your health properly, you will experience how healthy lifestyles will assist you to succeed in daily tasks and lifetime issues. And avoid getting angry over losing again to Duke.

The Fizz is owned, edited and operated by Damon Amendolara. D.A. is an ’01 Syracuse graduate from the Newhouse School with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.


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