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Playoff Push: The Top 10 NFL Players of 2020

This season was one of the most difficult for the league in decades. The ongoing problems caused by COVID-19 affected every part of the year. However, the NFL managed to get in all 256 regular-season games. In this duress, great players rose to the challenge as always, and proved why they’re so valuable. The hard work and dedication continued despite the unusual year. 

In this article we want to introduce you to the top 10 players in the NFL as we make our way through the playoffs. These are the players that everyone in the league has to game plan for and fans can’t wait to watch.

  1. Aaron Rodgers

The presumed MVP has had an incredible year. Through the regular season and a playoff game he has thrown for 50 touchdowns against only 5 interceptions. He’s often called the most talented QB in history for a reason, and showed it in the win over the Rams in the playoffs.

2. Lamar Jackson

The Ravens’ QB is a powerhouse. He is constantly scrutinized for his propensity to tuck and run with the ball, but you can’t argue with results. He has rushed for over 1,000 yards this season and has a 70% completion percentage despite not having a ton of weapons on offense. He also won his first playoff game to silence critics.

3. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson has had high highs and low lows this year (the playoff loss to the Rams), but he took his team to the postseason once again. Despite his somewhat-alarming 13 interceptions, he completed 68.8% of all his passes for 4,200 yards

4. Aaron Donald

The fearsome defensive tackle helped take the Rams to the playoffs this year, leading one of the best defenses in the league with his ability to constantly pressure the opposing offenses. With 13.5 sacks, tons of tackles, and the sheer ability to frighten the quarterback into making mistakes, he continues to dominate at this position.

5. Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes continued his greatness after last season’s Super Bowl victory. The team only lost twice this season, and Mahomes’ ability was leading the charge. He put up 4,700 yards, completed 66.3% of his passes, and threw 38 touchdowns with 5 interceptions. Mahomes even ran for 308 yards and showed why he is a continual threat. It’s amazing how high the bar is set that a great year like this may drop him to “only” #5 on our list.

6. Derrick Henry

Henry proved that he is as potent as ever this year as he put up a monstrous 2,027 yards on 378 attempts. His size, physicality, and ability to find running lanes were unmatched. He was held to less than 100 yards against the Ravens during their playoff matchup-, and that was the end of the season for him and the Titans. But he has proven to be one of the most dominant backs ever.

7. Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas looked to be on his way to a great season, but injuries took their toll. He settled for 40 receptions, 438 yards, and didn’t get his first touchdown reception until the playoffs. But he’s back just in time to help Drew Brees in the playoffs. Thomas’ route-running and impeccable hands make him the most dominant wideout weapon when healthy in the NFL. But there are others looking to take his crown like Devante Adams, Julio Jones and #10 on our list.  

8. Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey was made the highest-paid running back of all time in the offseason, but then the season started and there was a wrench thrown into the Panthers’ plans. He was seriously injured for most of the season and only managed to gain 225 yards on 59 attempts. When healthy he’s an MVP candidate, a two-way back that is amazing in the pass game as well.

9. George Kittle

He was poised to have an amazing season that would have seen him flourish as the best all-around TE in the league (apologies to Travis Kelce). He though, was injured for most of the season but managed to put up 634 yards and 2 touchdowns. Kittle is a force when healthy.

10. DeAndre Hopkins

The Cardinals wideout had a monster season after being traded. He caught 1,407 yards, scored 6 touchdowns, and had 115 receptions. His catch of the “Hail Murray,” out-leaping three Bills defenders was an all-time play.

The 2020 season is still chugging along. The different impacts that COVID had on the game were nothing short of massive. The inability to host a normal training camp may have led to injuries, sloppy play, and preseason favorites looking awful. However, so many great teams and players rose above it this year as evidenced by this list.

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